Bitcoin Cheaper & More Private than Paypal. WHAT?! [DTube Exclusive]

3년 전

Huh? What did you say? Bitcoin is cheaper than paypal? Wait...but at least paypal is more private than bitcoin right? Wrong again! Bitcoin is officially more private than paypal also! Let's discuss it in this video and let me know what you guys think in the comments below :)

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Great info. ..we need to get this word out to mainstream. .payment systems just can't and won't keep up with crypto..
Thx for the post


Payment system, remittance, and freedom from gubmint interventions, such as quantitative easing and near-0/negative interest rates! The last one is huge. After years of sub-normal rates, central banks are starting to deleverage their balances. Rates are rising and this is causing yields to rise and equities to burp. Even with great earnings, the stock market goes down. Normalization of rates, say 4%, on 21 trillion of USA debt is big. To even maintain payments on normal interest, the gubmint will have to let the economy run a little hot. Trump tried to enable this by killing Obamacare, which was basically another tax. Couldn’t do it, so he had to go for the suboptimal basic tax cuts. He is now talking about infrastructure spending, while the dollar secretly devalues. Dxy shows a big head and shoulders in the weekly, could possibly go down to low 80s without some sort of gubmint intervention. Kudlow said they may starting buying dollars (if gold starts going up, can’t let the sheeple run to go uh huh!) Who knows how dollar devaluation will go with fed raising rates tho?


Agree dollar will drop. PMetals up with rates...crash in the markets inevitable = = = = more rush to crypto I would hope...
good comment!


Thanks for the resteem! Yeah I agree! Old rip-off payments systems need to adapt or go :)



This is exceptionally useful... Thanks so much


Yes!! Very welcome :)


You are EXCEPTIONAL! THank you


You're highly welcomed

Great research Vince.
Way to go BradaH!
Smack That Coin!
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I've always maintained paypayl is most at risk from Cryptocurrency, they just expedited their downfall.

Crypto revolution is coming man. It's coming.

This globalist centralized industry of central banking and companies like PayPal will suffer what they deserve! The blockchain is an unstoppable social and economic revolution, I am an anarcho capitalist and that is why I love Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies as they spread libertarian/minarchist styled ideologies/mindsets! These tools might change the world, mark my words! I am way TOO STONED ON 4/20 I love you guys.... I'm out! :D