As expected...


As predicted the broken btc daily resistance has led its way to the $6500 range and now as we can see that the market is oversold we can see a temporary rise in the crypto price back to ~ $7500 only to come back crashing to $6000. Nothing huge is going to happen, its going to be kind of boring for the coming weeks...sideways consolidation.

Well, the trend break is really not a good thing and technically speaking its a bearish sign but with a lot of exciting things coming up in the coming months in crypto i strongly feel that we will still hold the ~$6000 support.Its really getting hard to predict the bottom but well lets hope for the best .

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You have fantastic analysis, very useful ty! Followed!! :D


cheers mate

Thank you so much for sharing,


Thanks for coming by.. :)

Thank you heaps for sharing your analysis. Hopefully, after all this sideways movement there will be some sort of bullish behaviour in the cryptocurrency market. Great post!


Yea May we can see some volatility, hoping to be bullish Consensus

bitcoin down level!


Yea but hope 6k support wont be breached

Nice post. Thanks you

We didnt have choice than to wait and hope for best

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