Do you want to create a crypto startup? Tim Draper University can help

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Legendary and eternal crypto enthusiast Tim Draper has prepared programs to help entrepreneurs build start-ups at his university.

Tim Draper is adored in the crypto world because he was one of the first bitcoin investors. He is also considered an influential person in the blockchain industry. He was ranked number 7 in the Forbes Midas list and is among the top 100 most influential people in finance.

"Legendary Tim Draper has announced a new program to help entrepreneurs launch new business cripto."

wrote Morgan Creek Digital founder Anthony Pompliano on Twitter.

"The digital coin market may be down, but the business will continue."

Tim Draper University, specializing in blockchain and cripto

Tim Draper University is not a faculty in the traditional sense. There are censuses such as: "Think large-scale. Progress. All cloth up. ", And pictures of young men in swimsuits running to the ocean. Certainly not the kind of presentation characteristic of the classical learning system.

The institution is focused on training new entrepreneurs and helping them achieve their goals and has an impressive track record.

Among the graduates are personalities ranging from Tech Stars, 500 Startups and Forbes 30. University Tim Draper also bears famous speakers such as Elon Musk and YouTube star Michelle Phan because Draper has influential friends.

Sometimes the saying "Tell me who you twin to tell you who you are."

Enrollment is not very easy, but it does not compare to the formal process at Ivy League Universities. It requires a decent presentation and convincing argument about the biggest problems facing the world at present. The point is to attract the attention of investors and teachers.

Studies in the United States, too expensive to deserve the effort

One of the biggest problems faced by Americans is the high cost of undergraduate degrees. A recent study by the World Bank revealed that students accumulate tremendous debt to finish a college. Also, for each year of study, annual salary growth is about 8.8%.

A master's degree obtained at one of the top universities will earn an average of $ 420,000 over the next 20 years.

Practically, after twenty years of activity, the monthly earnings are about $ 1,750.

In addition, the current education system is outdated. Many schools do not offer useful skills in the current society or opportunities in the future.

A successful crypto business has the potential to make hundreds of millions of dollars in a few months.

Of course, this is not guaranteed, but if you have the skills and the necessary determination, it is certainly a worthwhile idea.

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