What Is The Lightning Network And Will It Save Bitcoin?

3년 전

Bitcoin along with its unprecedented success has encountered a bump when people are starting to use it for mass adoption.

Mainly scalability and transaction fees are some of the major issues the platform has to tackle before any improvement to its usage and new period of growth can be expected.

Lightning Network offers viable solution so that Bitcoin will grow to its new phase of development and ultimately become as to what its original creator and pioneers of the community originally aspire. The new kind of money that will free ordinary people from the claws of banks and financial institutions.

Watch on my videos and learn what Lightning Network is all about and also judge it yourself if indeed this can be the ultimate solution to the current issues Bitcoin is facing nowadays.

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Thanks for the post! It would also be noted that Litepay is coming out soon to compete with existing players like Bitpay. Before the lightning network is released publicly and tested, BTC may be stressed with the increasing adoption of altcoins.

See my analysis of the impact of Litepay on LTC here:


Looking forward to it, the more ways we can convert from altcoins to fiat and fiat to altcoins the better....

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