XRR ,XLM , XRP Best Coins of This Week and Explain why these coin's Top in market .

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Hello Trader's Today i want to share some best coins with you and tell you reason why these
Coins give more profit in Future .

Xlm ( 80% Up )

XLM up in this Week almost 80% from 0.35$ to 0.63$ . The main reason is

(XLM) Stellar Lumens is now available for leveraged trading on OKEx

Raiblocks XRB ( 220% )

XRB is the top coin in coinmarketcap , from 10$ to 35$ .

(XRB) Raiblocks trading has started on Dubai's biggest exchange RightBTC XRB/BTC XRB/ETH

Qtum Foundation, Trusted IOT Alliance, and Chronicled Inc. to develop secure IOT use cases

Dash is an exlusive payment method at 36 medical cannabis collectives

Ripple XRP ( 60% )

Ripple is first coins and banks use this coin for transtion's , XRB mostly trade in
korean markets that's why price too much high from 1.20$ to 2.80$ .

(XRP) Ripple makes the front page of the Wall Street Journal

CNBC covering Stellar Lumens

Forbes stating we will see many more cryptocurrencies double in value such as NEO, Ethereum, Ripple and even cited it is the lowest Bitcoin dominance in the market in 5 years!

Watch this Video for Detail .


Thank you ! @askquestion

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how do you think or your prediction about bitcoin price in 2018 whether it will be increasing or going down.
I just want to survey some people's opinions


just wait and let's see what's happen

Thanks for the info dude


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Informative post.thank you for sharing..:)


it's my pleasure

Glad new year! 2018 will be an incredible year. What an adventure it has been with Steem. We both have seen a considerable measure over the previous year or something like that. This undertaking has shown me to such an extent. The things I have learned are worth more than any measure of cash en route. I see the world in an entirely different manner after all I have learned since beginning with Blockchains. I truly trust the world is moving into a superior place. In the expressions of the colossal Naveen Jain we as a whole should "have an outlook of plenitude". This blockchain can be a device to change the world for good and show individuals numerous things if utilized as a part of the correct way. Information is power and It will be a blockchain loaded with learning. The Steem blockchain is getting more grounded by the day. We have seen some astounding development since this blockchain began and I know this is just the begin. When we have a completely refined item it will have the capacity to do things we cannot envision yet. The expansion of SMTs into the blockchain will intrigue and will change the way we consider the web and what is conceivable. Groups and discussions are a gigantic piece of the web. The conceivable utilizations of SMTs are stunning to consider. With Steemit and Steem we are now rolling out improvements in places that need it and offering assistance to those in require. Envision what's on the horizon for us and this blockchain. We additionally have an incredible group behind this blockchain. That is one of the principle reasons I put my BTC into this task over a year prior in the wake of discovering it on the Bitcointalk gathering and faltering onto Steemit through google look through a couple of times (accidentally hunting down different things). I at that point started some examination and saw @dan talking a couple of times about Steem. At that point saw @ned talking on YouTube and on CheddarTV and knew instinctively then he was resolved to make something extraordinary. Its awesome to see designers as you doing extraordinary things for the eco framework also @exyle with things like Steemify and Blockbrothers. Cheerful New Year again.Lets take Steemit and Steem to the following level in 2018!

Yes these coin change over life after some days.


just hold these coins if you have :)


do you think its to late to get into XLM or XRP? I hate buying in the green but I don't think these 2 coming down anytime soon


may bi XRP down again between 2.20 to 2.40$ but if you buy these coins for long term then you are not late.


cool thanks for the advice


You're most welcome .

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i have bought a lot of ripple and stellar and am not disappointed they are growing well i can say, i need to check out the raiblocks , havent heard about this one

What are you thinking of bitcoin future price? Has it forever lost its dominance or it will show power? Thank you for the article.