Bitcoin Accepted [Everywhere: Screen Cryptocurrency has won patents for the payment network.

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Digital Payments Farm Square has won a patent for a payment network, which allows traders to accept money in a currency, including Bitcoin or other cryptocirans.

The script has won patents for the crypto payment network

Public documents published on August 21st show that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has approved Square Application for placements, which allows traders to accept cryptokwars in addition to the existing payment methods and cash in their liking. San Francisco-based firm filed the first patent in September of 2017.

From patent:

"The published technology is capable of accepting a broader diversity of currency that addresses the needs of the industry for a payment service ... including virtual currency including cryptokurabics (Bitcoin, Ether, etc.) ... compared to a traditional payment system between a customer and a transaction between ... The merchant, and especially one to solve or fix issues for dealing with such currency In order to provide payment services, in particular, the payment service provided here can facilitate real-time (or real-time) transactions, which the customer can pay in any currency of his choice, when merchants can pay their preferred currency.

Square can not be the first payment processor, which allows merchants to accept payments in cryptoconces, which automatically convert to local currencies. Bitcoin, for example, has been processing Bitcoin payments since 2011.

However, Square has already had huge market penetration, so now by adding cryptocurrency payments to POS systems, millions of merchants will allow Bitcoin to accept other funds on the other payment processor or any other capitupuranage funds without converting them.!@ausharyasquare-btc-bitcoin-768x512.jpg

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