From the point of view of any wind, investor long-term Bitcoin value rallies target.

3년 전

The Cryptocortian market has struggled for the main movement in the upward trend, such as the major digital currencies of Bitcoin and Etheroom, fixed at $ 7,580 and $ 584 respectively. Cryptoconance market value has risen from $ 333 billion to $ 330 billion compared to about 1 percent.

Bitcoin Struggles

Just one week before, May 25, Bitcoin was $ 7,530. Today, as of June 1, Bitcoin is worth $ 7,580 Within the last 7 days, BTC stands at $ 7,300 to $ 7,500.

Based on BTC's short-term price trends last week, it is considered impossible that BTC's previous support level is returned to $ 10,000 and $ 12,000, since this 5 months and 10 months MA beer cross is confirmed as the first time since 2014 . BTCL failed to return the fastest $ 8,000 in the last few days, thereby reducing the possibility of short-term $ 10,000 possible revised rallies.

If the BTC volume can exceed $ 8,500 in the next few days with a strong spike, it is possible that from May 5, BTC will break down its downward trend, monitor the medium-term recovery, and return to the $ 10,000 region. However, without a strong recovery, it is unlikely to start a short-term bull run for Bitcoin.

Annie Paul, a prominent cryptoconge investor and researcher, who founded the Digital Property Investment Company Block Tower, said:

"In the last few days, I've chatted with a very brave fund manager, all of whom said," I never take out new money at any time ", insists that most investors agree at a moderate level Bitcoin and other cryptographers adopt long-term adoption Curve.@ausharyaBitcoin-piggy-bank-768x569.jpg

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