MT Gox ordered 850,000 Bitcoin hackers to return the victims

3년 전

.On the directive of the District Court of Tokyo, MT Gox has ordered the compensation of its notorious hacker hackers to start compensation, effectively preventing the ban of exchange restrictions.

Posted on MTG's website on June 22, this verdict can be closed on November 1, 2017 for the compensation request - currently the inactive MT Gaux Exchange lenders have been filed.

Increasingly, citizens will be compensated according to the Citizens Rehabilitation Act - not a bankruptcy

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If a Japanese is sent back under bankruptcies, the victims will only get the equivalent amount of "non-financial" claims based on the price at the time of monetization. Based on the MTGx 2014 filing, it will be a payment amount of Bitcoin at around $ 483. On 27th June 2018, a Bitcoin worth $ 6127.

Delayed time, suspension can be on behalf of financial transactions. One Twitter user mentioned:

Instead, the citizen rehabilitation process is not reflected in the equivalent fee of the fee but lost out of the original asset lost out. These hack victims claim their lost Bitcoins, funding has been seen in the currency from the currency hack on entitlement and Triple Digital percent hack.

This move can fire some of the attacks of MT Gaks's bankruptcy drama.

Even after losing 850,000 BTCs of 2014, the remaining holdings of MT Gox can be fully paid to the lenders - during the press, 137,891 BTCs are held at the exchange's custom storage. Under the Japanese bankruptcy law, most of the Tokyo-based company's assets were distributed among shareholders.

What did the Tokyo fleet enjoy?

Previously, under the supervision of MTGx bankruptcy proceedings, Attorney Nobuki Kobayashi is now working as the Exchange's Citizens Rehabilitation Trustee. The 'Tokyo Vale' Dubba, Cubasi Barcod was repeatedly criticized for evaluating the Bitcoin when he leaked thousands of MT Gucci Bitcoin into the BBC.

However, Kobayashi has firmly maintained that the sales price does not affect the activity. Reminds users of this apparent truth, the declaration says:

"As of December 2017 to February 2018 sales, in consultation with Cryptokurma Transaction experts, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are sold in a manner that has no effect on market prices and does not sell in return."

Some people have told the ruler to give verdict to sell more resources to Kobayashi, but legal documents did not provide this evidence. In fact, Kobayashi described his continued authority in this announcement:@ausharyamtgox2-cover-768x268.jpg

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