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Today we are in a position to enter a new era, called the blockchain or, more precisely, the 'Value Internet', which is based on digital goods. Blockchain allows us to exchange any digital asset at any time anywhere in the world. Like a traditional register, blockchain is basically a transaction log. These transactions can be exchanges of money, goods or data. Decentralized applications and decentralization generally tend to capture all new technologies, important steps being taken in this area that is now beginning to attract more revenue streams from visionary investors.
Now I want to introduce you one of this year's startups which is called AlphaX. I will explain you about this start-up, official sale of chips, team and potential.
About AlphaX
AlphaX is an entirely new generation of crypto-currency based on Scrypt using a complete Proof Of Stake (POS) network. The transactions made over Alpha-X's blockchain network are instant, and almost take place in real time, they are entirely anonymous and private, and are also very secure. The whole operation takes place over the Alpha-X decentralised P2P network's self-governed architecture. Our intention is to make it as good as virtual cash (plastic cards) so that it can provide real time liquidity and utility within the market.

AlphaX's agenda is to change the entire face of utility tokens, by utilising blockchain technology to overcome the historical shortcomings of the traditional system. When this technology is combined with an intuitive, user-friendly interface and gamification, a new level of trust and enthusiasm will be created amongst the crypto-currency community, as well as outside world. This will allow them to use this new era utility ecosystem with confidence and excitement.

AlphaX will have his own token named AX and it will have his own platform.
PreICO price: 1 AX = 0.05 USD
Price in ICO: 1 AX = 0.00024 ETH
Private Pre Sale - 15 Sep 2018 - 31 Oct 2018 - 50%
Open Pre Sale - 1 Nov 2018 - 15 Dec 2018 - 30%
Open Sale / Crowdsale -16 Dec 2018 - 31 Jan 2019 - 10%
Tokens for sale: 170,000,000
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Apr 2018
Idea came with Internet Of Things making life simpler


May 2018
Research, Team building


June 2018
Idea analysed and Improved, Finalized the product


July 2018
AlphaX- Website Launched


Aug 2018
Alpha-X Whitepaper Launched Alpha-X Blockchain Created Alpha-X Source code published on Githhub Posting over >Bitcointalk and other Forums


Sept 2018
ICO Launched Private Pre Sale


Oct 2018
Open Pre Sale Bounty Campaigns


Nov 2018
Crowdsale Airdrop + Bonus


Dec 2018
QT Wallet Launched for Windows, Mac & Linux Listing on Exchange Listing on Coinmarketcap


Q1 2019
Alpha-X Mobile Wallet Security Audit Report Q2 2019 – Alpha-X Exchange Launch Integration of Major Coins >Advertisement and Promotion Security Audit


Q3 2019
Alpha-X Marketplace Launch Alpha-X Debit Card Program


Q4 2019
Alpha-X Integration for major systems, like Utility Bill Payment, Telephone Bill, Flight Tickets, Hotel Bookings, etc >Alpha-X Integration with local Stores, Restaurant, Shop etc

Team & Advisor

Oleg Olefirenko
CEO and Marketing Expert

Myroslav Vakulyuk
Chief Business Development Officer

Mycola Davidenko
Chief Account Manager

Nikita Jaisinghani

Awais Bajwa
Legal Analyst

Swati Koundilya
Node Developer

Papia Khatun Asha
SEO and SMO Expert

Govind Mishra
Angular developer

Janardan Mishra
Node Developer

Nanasaheb Pote
Devops Engineer

Elena Bennett
Public Relation Manager

Swapnil Mundhe
Asst. Software Engineer

Akshay Wagh
Blockchain Developer

Amey Ruikar
Asst. Software Engineer

Neha Singh
HR Executive

Angular Developer


Anders Johnsson

James Nguyen

Cris Luu

You can find all the details about this project, the sale of chips, the team and the steps they will take in a more elaborate form and with more technical details at the addresses listed below:
Web Site:

bitcointalk user: ayrisky
bitcointalk profile link:;u=1795832
ETH address:0x40ff701beb62dc5b2a5ee06efde98efbab919a14

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