NORTONCHAIN is an improved technology in the blockchain revolution

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What is Nortonchain?
NORTONCHAIN ​​is an open source distributed ledger designed to solve the problems of existing blockchains. NORTON technological chain for the confirmation of transactions by miners, which leads to the high cost of transaction costs and delays in the delivery of funds when they are transferred from one account to another portfolio or get rid of it.
NORTONCHAIN ​​is an improved technology in the blockchain revolution. The technology is built with built-in artificial intelligence. This mechanism helps all the transactions that are carried out in the network, just as the miners support the transactions in the chain of Bitcoin blocks that will be confirmed. However, this is designed to work as equals and does not require miners.

The technology is simple but powerful enough for developers at any level of programming in any industry to develop independently without limitations or limitations, but it offers an additional benefit since NORTONCHAIN ​​modules are open source for all developers.

NORTONCHAIN ​​has its own prestigious currency called Norton Coin (NRT). However, NORTONCHAIN ​​is in its alpha state and is represented by Norton Token, which is based on the Ethereum platform to fulfill its function as a digital currency. If NORTONCHAIN ​​is fully developed, there will be an exchange of coins from Norton Token to Norton Coin, which will be built in NORTONCHAIN. This would have completely fulfilled all the NORTONCHAIN ​​objectives achieved through the use of its own cryptocurrency.

In addition, these fees often become so high, according to the trader, that micro payments are not taken into account. At this time, you can not transfer Bitcointalk worth $ 3 of a replacement. Because the rate would be about $ 4. That's not sensible at all.

Mobility micropayments so much, they can not pay for a pen that I bought because I have to pay an extra if I have to use Bitcoin for payment.

In this sense, NORTONCHAIN ​​TECHNOLOGY is the solution.

NORTONCHAIN ​​TECHNOLOGY is a distributed point-to-point ledger. It was designed from the shortcomings of the existing Bitcoin blockchain. Norton chain is much better than block chain Bitcoins, because it also contains some of the important features of the DAG system.

We have introduced the Bitcoin blockchain system, because of the fact that what has existed for years, is more likely to be better and survive when compared to what has just begun to improve.

Since there are millions of transactions in the Bitcoin blockchain, it is impossible to access them because you would have to hack all the nodes in the world. So that is a serious security. He proved the test of time and survived.
That is what we have assumed, NORTONCHAIN ​​has its nodes operated by AI, which make innumerable transactions per second throughout the world to have this high level of security.

DAG is a method to confirm transactions, point to point without the need of miners.
Now transactions can be done completely free of charge, since the procedure based on artificial intelligence in transactions confirms the individual transactions in small bits that cost them nothing.

So this gives the possibility or says space for NORTONCHAIN ​​to breathe really well. Since all transactions in NORTONCHAIN ​​are completely free.
NORTONCHAIN ​​has combined both powerful technologies to have great technology.
NORTONCHAIN ​​not only fails to solve the many problems with existing technology.
NORTONCHAIN ​​has its own centralized exchange where users can act to give them the freedom to trade for almost zero and zero closings in Norton Dezentral Exchange.

Sales crowd
date August 1, 2018 presale
dated 31 August 2018 Presale
token 250,000,000 Presale
sale symbol
date ICO starting September 1, 2018
ICO-late 05th November 2018 Date
ICO token supply 250 million
of softcover $ 5,000,000 (Fiat)
ICO platform 3
country restrictions, US,
symbolic details
Ticker NRT
additional utility token issue number of
ETC tokens
Accepted coins BCH
to 500 bonus program Nortonoken recommendation
50% - Sales of chips
15% - even drops
10% - air releases
Distribution of tokens 8% - Reserve fund
5% - Team
5% - Advisor
5% - Reward
2% -
Allocation of partners 60% - Development
20% - Marketing
10% - Operations
8% - Association
2% - Legal
Q3 2017 (July-September)
idea of ​​the Norton chain, team development
Q4 2017 (October to December)
Website development ANNUAL EVENTS
Q1 2018 (January-March)
meeting with partners Review Website for the update of
Q2 2018 (April to June)
First launch from the air, the website update, voting for inclusion in external Exchange
Q2 2019 (April to June)
release of the debit card list to the external Exchange
Q1 2019 (January- March)
the list of third parties NORTON CADENA of the ICO (alpha version)
Q3 2018 (October to December)
last laps public sale, Norton Exchange, web portfolio development, Second launch from the air, introduction of NRT token to Exchange, implementation of IA modules in Norton Exchange, annual event
Q3 2018 (July-September)
NortonBot , listing more external Exchange, pre-sale, retail, meet developers
Q3 2019 (July-September)
NORTON CHAIN ​​(beta) Norton Explorer
2% -
Samuel Stark
CEO and founder, Python and Javascript Developer
Ubong-Abasi Udoma
Dadapir Galgale
Marketing Manager
Gurpreet Singh Chauhan
Marketing and Exchange Advisor Platform Development Consultant
Happy Uwakwe

For more information, contact:

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My. ayrisky

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