Phenomenal Network, a real gold mine and valuable revolution for qualified affiliates.

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Since we have been vigorously active in affiliate marketing for a while, we deeply understand why ads networks and advertisers often delay payments for their apps promotors.

This sometimes frustrates marketing experts to move on to a new advertiser or a network to run any campaign. On the other hands, networks and advertisers keep hunting for new promotors with a doubt that they can be cheated with fake traffic.

PHENOMENAL NETWORK is revolutionary in term of fast payment terms and purifying the community by providing and developing specialized tools for both advertisers an ad networks.

By understanding the issues that all sides have been facing for a period. We, on behalf of the first blockchain-power affiliate marketing project, we will be behind campaign owners and providers to determine quality traffic as well as help them to get rid of cheating promotors.

Within our Ecosystem, Golden Affiliate Reward is supposed to be the real gold mine that qualified promotors can get what they have been desiring, a real and fast payment. Especially to be rewarded and honored for showing a great performance.

Golden Affiliate Reward is a real motivation for a hard work and honesty in term of providing visitors to a campaign or an app. This also seems a threat for cheaters, where they can not be listed as a qualify.

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