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Greetings to you all readers, in this article i will be discussing what exactly this brand new and groundbreaking innovation(phenomenal Network) is all about and i will appreciate your standing by till the end.

Thanks to the world of technology mixed with the innovation of this company(phenomenal Network making it possible for the success of this platform and standing it out in the wild of rivals with its exceptional cutting edge effort, as a corner stone and swift transformation to sort this industry out in the pre existing issues battling cryptocurrency.

The agiotage connected with investments into cryptocurrencies continues to grow in the modern world. Widespread interest in the cryptocurrency markets is stirred by the numerous opportunities to increase personal crypto capital. The increased interest in the market has in turn led to an explosion of educational and informational resources for crypto investors. However, the cryptosphere remains difficult for most people to understand. Even for experts, effective use of the various software and information resources available to trade cryptocurrency can be a laborious and time-consuming process.


The Phenomenal Network is the first blockchain-based affiliate system developed specifically for the affiliate industry. The inclusion of blockchain technology provides a very scalable, decentralized and safe system for the absolute elimination of fraud in affiliate marketing.
By understanding the issues that all sides have been facing for a period. We, on behalf of the first blockchain-power affiliate marketing project, we will be behind campaign owners and providers to determine quality traffic as well as help them to get rid of cheating promotors.

The Phenomenal Network proposal concerns Affiliate Marketing, the primary goal of which is to make the web ecosystem more scalable, safer and more profitable. For the first time fraud and cheating are blocked from joining the CPI and CPA partner networks, and in particular, it helps affiliate marketers and networkers receive payment faster than ever. The Phenomenal Network team publishes its own Partnership Forum where all networked and affiliated companies meet in discussions and partnerships.

This technology takes advantage of the tremendous potential of numerous subcontracting contracts through smart blockchain smartcontracts. It aggregates subcontracting every single click publishing message in a referral link on the Publisher site, which ensures that each click is monitored individually on the system and is also authentic. This process creates a new and highly innovative fragmentation-based architecture that specifically aims to meet the standards defined by the world market.

Phenomenal Network will eliminate the issue of fraudulent traffic and provide a novel and highly efficient ecosystem that can enable affiliate networks o determine when their affiliates are cheating on them. It will achieve this by introducing the best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms for affiliate networkers. Current traditional tracking software platforms only offer a partially real-time reporting service for networkers with a friendly and easy-to-use interface, their weakness is not create a platform including detecting fraudulent traffic. With blockchain-powered technology and optimization tools, Phenomenal will introduce an option that is absolutely superior to those of current competitor.

PROBLEM Phenomenal Network ecosystem

PLAN TO SOLVE1.Costs: With current blockchain technologies, it is quite impossible to obtain our anticipated performance of million transactions per second in a cost-effective manner. This is probably the major reasons why other projects opt to conduct their affiliate outside the blockchain technology. .


Affiliate marketing is unique and quite different from other forms of digital marketing. For instance, the industry requires private settings for all participants. But this objective cannot be achieved completely without blockchain technology. Thus, Phenomenal Network aims to proffer solutions to these challenges by integrating blockchain functionalities into the operations. .


Current affiliate marketing has always been associated with third party operational risk. The Phenomenal Network is specially designed to eliminate this 10 requirement, irrespective of the network’s size or proposition. Thus, the successful implementation of our blockchain ecosystem will help us to get rid of decision that is not in the user’s interest. Our block chain technology will also ensure lower cost of operation without compromising the quality of business operation. Indeed, the implementation of our Phenomenal Network will help in the elimination of all the major problems that are currently confronting the affiliate marketing.

Proposed solutions
The Phenomenal Network proposition applies blockchain technology to Affiliate Marketing with the primary objective of making the network ecosystem more scalable, secure and highly profitable.For the first time ever, fraudsters and cheat will be prevented from joining CPI and CPA affiliate networks and especially it helps affiliate marketers and networkers to get payment faster than ever.

Within our Ecosystem, Golden Affiliate Reward is supposed to be the real gold mine that qualified promotors can get what they have been desiring, a real and fast payment. Especially to be rewarded and honored for showing a great performance.Golden Affiliate Reward is a real motivation for a hard work and honesty in term of providing visitors to a campaign or an app. This also seems a threat for cheaters, where they can not be listed as a qualify.

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