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Please read this with responsibility!

It tells a legend of an ancient African town that once long ago the goddess of the truth (reason, sanity, etc.) was invited to a party for which she (it) adornment and arrangement with her best outfits, say legend that when she saw in the mirror, she did not recognized sheself. They say that she saw the stupidity ...

The moral of the above is that reality does not require any makeup, the truth hurts but not offends. If I ask to you what is an Erythroxylum Lamark (Ceylon or Java) or the Hydrochloride Benlcil / Cinamil-Ecgonina very few of you can answer what are such things with names entangled and complex pronunciation. Of course, if I ask you what is a Cannabis Sativa is very Probably you know what it is about. The first ones are the scientific or botanical name of the plant Coca and the product derived from it by synthetic means, that is to say Cocaine. The second is the name of the legendary Marihuana.

This writing is not understood to question the use, preference or criteria of each one in relation to these issues, is not understood to blame or justify any person or group. It's just a brief mental exercise in which (in a skillful way) and after understanding some of the above and the later (we will change) names, chemical precursors and locations by others. The idea behind this is understand who or what is behind this whole issue, ie who benefits and or harms. Complex issue, but from this perspective we will have a better vision.

We commented previously that each head is a world and everyone is free to do with their life what he considers appropriate, as long as he does so in accordance with the coexistence and respect of others. If we hink that a consumer or grower of the aforementioned is a person outside the law or marginal it only aggravates the matter. Because seeing it like this, if we question the morality of someone to cultivate, process or sell these would be unfair and double-morale. Yes, because if the degree of evil and marginality of the aforementioned is based on its degree of toxicity or tendency to destroy the framework social and family, then and in honor of the truth we would have to start for example by:

Sugar (Mono and Polysaccharides) and its relationship with Multiple Arteriosclerosis. Yes, because according to recent studies there is a determining factor in the formation of the plaques and consequently the reduction of the arterial diameter as well as its hardening or lack of plasticity and the consumption of Sugar. Needless to say, it directly affects overweight and Diabetes Miellitus. It would also be necessary to ask about the incidence of carbonated beverages in the different Kidney and Adrenal diseases. The problems associated with alcohol consumption and the incidence in liver diseases as well as smoking and the innumerable list of effects on health (human), its own economy and spending for different health services subsidized by the state.

And the list is endless, or almost.

What's so special about drugs?

The usual: Illegal money, the power it provides and the capacity for corrupt evryone it touch.

In the 20s and 30s of the last century (XX) and specifically in the USA, gangster madness was unleashed and all this given that at that time the sale of alcohol was illegal. Time later and due to restrictions imposed by the then US authorities some began to smuggle with alcohol coming mainly from Canada and the island of Cuba. Once the sale of alcohol was regularized, the purges, executions, corruption and traffic endup as well as the sale of alcohol adulterated same that was charge more than one life (thousands).

So the above is an example of how certain authorities encourages promotes and sponsors not drug trafficking, but the restriction of free access for consumers. With which violence, crime and corruption are encouraged.

You still do not understand?

if tomorrow we ban the consumption of orange or apple, a new illegal market will replace the right way to obtain this and it will generate violence, corruption and more. they not ban the product for it risk or demage level, they ban this for make a new and much profit market that only them can control.

Let's do a brief exercise ...

Since the chemical precursors used for the manufacture of Dimethyl-morphine (Heroin) and the Benzyl/Cinamil- Ecgonine Hydrochloride (Cocaine) are the same used in the manufacture of explosives for military and demolition use (RDX, TORPEX, ANFO, AMONAL, ei). Let's propose this brief mental exercise:

How long do you think it would take the (authorities) to discover a conspiracy, if a group of people were associated to illegally introduce a single kilogram (1Kg) of the above explosives. Same explosives as them should change hands several times until them can get it in a bus stop in Harlem or the Bronx. For finally and via a reseller be delivered to the end user?

Maybe in some of your trips you have been separated from the fold and you have been forced to walk for a lane of reds dots in the ground, the previous thing after leaving some submillimeter wave scanner like those that There are at most major airports. And an officer has told you that you will be the object of a secondary review, and you ask yourself: now what did I do? It turns out that maybe you put some fertilizer to your beloved garden plants the day before (I know cases of people under medical treatment that did not ... they washed their hands well), well what about that? It turns out that in that X-ray scattering or submillimeter microwave scanning unit there is also a bionic nose, nose what? Yes, a sensor that detects explosives or precursors of them as per example the ammonium nitrate of your fertilizer or any perchlorate or amide. It turns out that that same device (nose) can be calibrated to detect alkaloids and opiates. You see how easy it is to know if you've had contact with any of the above. And after checking the suitcase, wardrobe and (passing) a substrate Inert (towel or cotton) for your belongings they tell you: can you continue, welcome!

The truth is a double-edged sword, but without a hilt. It is impossible to wield such a blade without harm the hands. That is why it is considered the most fearsome of all weapons. Only someone fair can really make use of it. It's a question of who is more guilty: the state or the drug trafficker who sow and distributes his crop, which is the only thing that gives him enough income to obtain an adequate quality of life for him and his family? Same trafficker who was forced to (opt) for this job since in their rural areas the (Federal) help never arrived, places in which studying is not an option because there are not even schools or health centers. Places in which the few classrooms have for floor the ground and for roof that beautiful blue sky in the days that there is no fog in the highland ones.

Once I told someone that it was very nice to talk about justice and revolution from a Penthouse overlooking the Central Park, while he was waiting for a succulent dinner with gold cutlery and dishes made to order for him by a famous house in London. And at that moment a group of children barefoot and with luck some corn (tortillas) and salt, they started the march to reach their (classroom) in the middle of those majestic and inhospitable places and a cold wind that broke the steel and bones. And yes, who in this situation going to study and understand mathematics?

And then they tell you: look what we locked up as a criminal, because (trafficked). And for who trafficked? Do you think that an 8 year old boy who is cleaning car windows in a street corner wants to do that? While what he have to eat (smell) is a can of contact glue and meanwhile them Enjoy a delicious dinner. I'm not saying that having wealth and money is bad, just the opposite. Is very good have wealth and money, as long as you earn it with your effort and skills, not with the suffering of the others. Why are not them going to hurt someone who can and will actually hurt them? Is easy to beat or hurt someone handcuffed on the ground and more if the aggressors are many. I propose to them do it with someone on equal terms. It is easy to give several life sentences to someone who in his Condition and forced by the system opt for a (easy) job. And later them say: look, justice has been done!

Similarly, there have no logic to decriminalizing the (drugs) if those who cultivate and distribute them are not given a
opportunity for join to the society and still treated as an outcast just for not having a last name pretty or a different color of skin. In their ideal world the gentlemen will always be gentlemen and the housemaid, housemaid. That is to say, if you were not born rich or with a certain last name you can not aspire to consider yourself part of society therefore you are a marginal, a criminal and according to them: a social waste...

This world is a cake, a very large one in which we all have the right to a slice (large or small) according to our possibilities, needs and aptitudes. Then and for the common good it would be timely and useful to correct the above, that thing called injustice. Otherwise there will be no cake and the party is over.

Patience is a virtue, almost infinite.
But it has limits ...

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