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The famous actress Madhuri Dixit, praising Bollywood's "Sansakari Baboojee", allegations of sexual harassment on Alokathath, has said that she was shocked to hear all this news.
Bollywood actor Madhuri Dixit recently said on the "Mee Toe" campaign saying that she was shocked by listening to allegations of Alok Nath's sexual harassment. Madhuri Dixit expressing his opinion on the elaborate formula of Alokath Nath and deep quality, saying that when such things come to pass, you suffer from shock as you know those people for years and for years. You suddenly read such news about them.

The actress said that after these allegations it seemed as though you were not aware of these years for so many years. It's just like a man's visit, and that's shocking me.
It is clear that in August last year, the "Mee Tune" campaign was launched in Bollywood, under which many women working in Bollywood raised up on her sexual abuse and humiliation. Producer and writer vinta nandy, also known as "sansakari baboojee", a famous actor named Bollywood in Bollywood, alleged that abolak Nath had abused them. Remember that actress Madhuri Dixit and lakshat Nath worked together in the past Super Hit movie, "Who are you, who are you" in the film, Madhuri had played the role of ayulak nath's daughter-in-law.4c55d0309da24c0d2cb247a1498cd37b.jpg

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