Coinbase offline? GDAX Not working? Yet you see new trades when it comes back on...

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We all know by now Coinbase and GDAX love to go offline during the WORST possible times! But when you finally get it loaded again you notice something, PEOPLE WERE TRADING! HOW! Well I'm about to give you the secret ;)

What are API Keys?

API keys are what allow an external piece of software to control a system (such as coinbase or gdax) without actually having direct access or knowledge for the inner workings of the system. For example, I simply say to GDAX, Place an order for 1 Bitcoin at $10,000 USD. I do not need to know how their system makes the order work, I just need to know they either return back an order id, or a failure notice.

How do I get my API Keys?

Inside GDAX, You will need to go to your account settings and you will see a spot that you can generate API keys. I advise creating at least Trading Keys. This will allow you to place trades using external software even if the website goes offline.

Why does this matter?

Well for one, I have PROVEN that even when the website goes offline, even when 2fa stops working, the API is live and I can trade! This is a HUGE advantage only a few people seem to realize and I feel sharing it is important for others!

How can I use these keys?

Well I built a VERY simple example code that you can use and modify to do everything you need. It includes the examples needed to create and delete and order, as well as check your account balances and order statuses. Feel free to modify the code as you need, it is only an example and the absolute most BASIC you can get! But it get's the job done if you are stuck with their website not loading and the API is still up!


Hope this helps someone!

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Dude didn't even know this existed ... so glad I found steemit !! It seems everyone on this platform has something useful to share with all of the steemit community, which just keeps this thing steem rolling! Good stuff @bigdeej


Glad to have you on board and hope it helps! If you know even the most basic python scripting you should be able to use this! Just used it yesterday when they went offline =D SOOO useful! I plan to adapt this into a full FOSS GUI trading tool that will allow anyone to use it without having to know any coding!


That's what I like to hear! Awesome that you are able to appeal to a very diverse audience of individuals comprised of different skill sets, keep it up @bigdeej

I am not a big coder so I did not read it yet, but if it works your code is probably worth eleventeen kabillon dollars!


maybe even a jillion....


You will need to put your keys in properly (it is commented in the source) and you will need to be able to just modify the basic inputs. 99% of the code you do not need to touch. The entire script is only 80 or so lines of code and about half of that is just setting up the connection and signing to GDAX!


I am hodling this month. Also spending 0.20 BTC for Christmas. My kids might not deserve lavish gifts, but they are going to get them! I wanted to make a dashboard app to buzz when there are big red candlesticks then one touch buy. Thanx again!


You can easily take that base example and build out an entire trading app if you wanted to. I may do so and make it 100% opensource but we will see I have a lot of projects at the moment. Just wanted to give people a jump off point! That is about 90% of the battle done for you!

Yep true. I am a buy and hold. It is very stressful, I would think, to be a crypto day trader


Even if you just deposit money they sometimes freeze you out 2fa.. I had that happen in July right before the BCH fork thankfully I had my API keys and wrote up this script. It isn't pretty but it has all the key pieces you need using even the most basic coding skills to make/cancel/check orders and balances for your account in case the website dies!

Nice, Coinbase does have issues. It seems like they are trying to run the site off of Bitcoins blistering seven transactions per second. lol..


Me trying to use GDAX during times of high market activity.


So true! So true! Hopefully this script helps a little. I plan to build a nicer more "full" version when I get some free time for everyone to use!


I'll check it out...


I just used it myself and the code is still working =D let me know how it works for you! I use python3 but it may work in python2 I have not tested!

thanks for your information@bigdeej

Great post ! Thank you I didn’t know about this feature. Will definitely look into this. Had several times this problem, not being able to sell or buy at the target price. Hope coinbase will fix this problem and provide better service for their customers

Hey Bud great post thanks for sharing some really valuable information in here .
Please have a look at this might be something you can relate to

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Thanks for sharing important news


yes didn't know this about gdax


Glad it can help someone! The API was up yesterday and I was able to make trades during the outage most people saw using this exact script =D

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excellent information with the APIs since there are many users who still do not understand this type of information that makes life easier in terms of transactions

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