Bluebook Investments - Update 4 - 27 April 2018

3년 전

Well, its dividend day again, and the details can be found below, but before we get to them, a little update on how things are going.

There have been a few small purchases of shares through the IPO listing. This has increased the funding of the Company, and allowed us to increase the investment holdings we have.

TROLLcoin holdings are increasing steadily, and included a donation to the holding from a generous TROLL (2000 TROLL) on scrypto. TROLL looks to be a fairly good growth area for the company at present, and further investment in TROLL may be warranted

STEEM/SBD are both doing well, and once we pass the magic 400STEEMPOWER mark, 50% of the SBD income from STEEM vote and delegation holdings will be transferred out to Bittrex and converted to BURST for inclusion in dividend calculations. The remaining 50% will be converted to STEEMPOWER to increase revenue.

ETHEREUM - I have donated my personal mining contract on Hashflare to the Asset. It is not worth a huge amount, but once it reaches maturity, it will be withdrawn and converted into one of the other holdings the Company has. This will be decided at the time of maturity and withdrawal.

DOGE - This has been a steady increase, and now stands at approximately 600 DOGE. As this is faucet claimed (by myself), and there is no initial outlay on behalf of the Company, this is pure profit and once a sufficient amount has been collected, it will be converted into another holding the Company has.

Now, onto the Dividend…….

This payout is for a total of 670.5 BURST across 11 accounts, and in keeping with my previous notification on BURSTFORUM about my portion of the payout where I would skip 1 week, donate the next week and accept payment the week after, this week is one where I will be accepting the dividend. However, as I personally wish to see the Company grow and flourish, I will be donating my payment back to the Company. Next payment will be for me to SKIP the payment, so Shareholders will receive a larger amount of BURST each

Payment details -
Bluebook (15580101995156730213) Total found assets: 1000000, Assets to be distributed: 745829
Summary of proposed distribution of 670.5BURST to 11
Based on asset holders at timestamp 117104585 (Thu, 10 Aug 2017 21:03:05 GMT)

Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
500000, BURST-S8ZT-DMST-785B-7HA86, 449.49981832
114400, BURST-T3PE-KBSP-V4E8-H7LMJ, 102.84555843
54000, BURST-K6EW-XD34-56JS-8CW9S, 48.54598038
50000, BURST-G6TF-RJ46-SRCU-9LEZR, 44.94998183
15000, BURST-X3DK-Y3GV-QY2E-G8R8H, 13.48499455
10000, BURST-MDX2-4HFY-PLTY-68L3M, 8.98999637
2000, BURST-HRE6-EJVS-75KV-GFD3K, 1.79799927
254, BURST-E56Y-7XQ7-C9E8-9XD55, 0.22834591
100, BURST-VG5J-CL56-X4RC-9M9GA, 0.08989996
55, BURST-KAJS-UPYW-LLT6-GQG3Y, 0.04944498
20, BURST-J2F3-WX2U-8QZA-FUT2B, 0.01797999

Amount paid, Account, TX
449.49981832, BURST-S8ZT-DMST-785B-7HA86, 17172916232715941813
102.84555843, BURST-T3PE-KBSP-V4E8-H7LMJ, 17981018463613637740
48.54598038, BURST-K6EW-XD34-56JS-8CW9S, 5217158147487218535
44.94998183, BURST-G6TF-RJ46-SRCU-9LEZR, 7247879591260554516
13.48499455, BURST-X3DK-Y3GV-QY2E-G8R8H, 6913300498677147383
8.98999637, BURST-MDX2-4HFY-PLTY-68L3M, 11825248703112534836
1.79799927, BURST-HRE6-EJVS-75KV-GFD3K, 8897170459879355963
0.22834591, BURST-E56Y-7XQ7-C9E8-9XD55, 466043337754851482
0.08989996, BURST-VG5J-CL56-X4RC-9M9GA, 2498865566383272240
0.04944498, BURST-KAJS-UPYW-LLT6-GQG3Y, 8448890717598320305
0.01797999, BURST-J2F3-WX2U-8QZA-FUT2B, 13611630398144174924
————All transactions processed————

Again, have a great week, and dont forget to upvote/resteem the post

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