Bluebook Investments - Update 4.5 - 4 May 2018

3년 전

Welcome to our mid-cycle update on how Bluebook Investments are doing.

Getting straight to the point, TROLL Coin is doing quite well, and is staking very impressively. Currently (at time of posting), we have 284425 TROLL which is generating between 126 and 182 TROLL per day, which is being added to the staking total.

STEEM is progressing as expected, and is increasing steadily in line with (if not slightly ahead of) expectations.

DOGE has made slow progress, and faucet claims are not as high as they were a couple of weeks ago, slowing the progress further

BCH is proving to be a good claim for Bluebook Investments, and the first withdrawal request has been put through on for a total of 0.00218. This currently has to be withdrawn to as the airdrips site is still in BETA, although, once they open this up in the future, it will be withdrawn to a seperate wallet

BURST is steady, and there have been no further purchases on the IPO, meaning that the previous holdings are stable.

Due to the exchange rates, the overall value of Bluebook has fallen in $USD, however, the overall amount of held crypto is steadily increasing

Please remember to upvote and resteem

Happy investing.....

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