Bluebook Investments - Update 5 - 12 May 2018

3년 전

Good day to you all, and welcome to Dividend Day (a day late due to bittrex wallet issues on ZEC)

So, a quick run-down on how things have gone on the last 2 weeks....

TROLLcoin is staking away quite nicely, and is performing roughly the same as the last update, increasing the holding to 285,300 TROLL.

DOGE has had a boost with some good faucet claims, and is now standing at just short of 750.

Ethereum has been increasing steadily on Hashflare, but as previously stated, the withdrawal threshold has not been met, and will not be met by the end of the mining contract. As this stands the company at nothing, as it was donated by me, once the CASPER update for ETH goes into effect, Hashflare may decide to allow a lower withdrawal amount, in which case it will be released. This one is a waiting game.

ZEC has performed slightly worse than the previous 2 week period, which whilst disappointing, was expected. The price has taken a hammering in USD$ value, which has reduced the amount of BURST it can be changed into.

SBD/STEEM POWER have both increased, with SBD slightly ahead of anticipated levels. It was previously stated that 50% this was going to be included in dividends, however, there is not enough SBD to justify exchanging on a 2 week dividend cycle.


As there are now more shareholders in the business, the amount of transaction fees has increased. Due to this, I will be trialling 3 and 4 week cycles on dividends over the next 2-3- months, to try and increase the overall % paid to shareholders. It also means that exclusion of smaller shareholders from dividends will not be necessary, as I do not wish to have to implement a minimum holding threshold for receiving dividends. If it transpires that it is more viable to shift to a 3 or 4 week cycle for dividends, then this would be implemented at the earliest possible point.
Bluebook (15580101995156730213) Total found assets: 1000000, Assets to be distributed: 251714
Summary of proposed distribution of 521BURST to 10
Based on asset holders at timestamp 118379227 (Fri, 25 Aug 2017 15:07:07 GMT)

Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
120000, BURST-T3PE-KBSP-V4E8-H7LMJ, 248.37712642
54000, BURST-K6EW-XD34-56JS-8CW9S, 111.76970689
50000, BURST-G6TF-RJ46-SRCU-9LEZR, 103.49046934
15000, BURST-X3DK-Y3GV-QY2E-G8R8H, 31.0471408
10000, BURST-MDX2-4HFY-PLTY-68L3M, 20.69809387
2000, BURST-HRE6-EJVS-75KV-GFD3K, 4.13961877
254, BURST-E56Y-7XQ7-C9E8-9XD55, 0.52573158
220, BURST-J2F3-WX2U-8QZA-FUT2B, 0.45535807
140, BURST-KAJS-UPYW-LLT6-GQG3Y, 0.28977331
100, BURST-VG5J-CL56-X4RC-9M9GA, 0.20698094

Amount paid, Account, TX
248.37712642, BURST-T3PE-KBSP-V4E8-H7LMJ, 3420500653427272447
111.76970689, BURST-K6EW-XD34-56JS-8CW9S, 18389275718882895320
103.49046934, BURST-G6TF-RJ46-SRCU-9LEZR, 9068212548675244911
31.0471408, BURST-X3DK-Y3GV-QY2E-G8R8H, 13611295078046325620
20.69809387, BURST-MDX2-4HFY-PLTY-68L3M, 8222473080915667022
4.13961877, BURST-HRE6-EJVS-75KV-GFD3K, 8466268166474177011
0.52573158, BURST-E56Y-7XQ7-C9E8-9XD55, 4434293906925151288
0.45535807, BURST-J2F3-WX2U-8QZA-FUT2B, 10167202588969384377
0.28977331, BURST-KAJS-UPYW-LLT6-GQG3Y, 12222207693534182836
0.20698094, BURST-VG5J-CL56-X4RC-9M9GA, 11394894048570021890
------------All transactions processed------------

As previously mentioned, I have sat this dividend payment out on the skip, donate, accept cycle to help build the asset

As usual, have a great week, and don't forget to upvote/resteem

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