Bluebook Investments - Update 5.3 - 18 May 2018

3년 전

So, here we are at the end of the first week in our new dividend payout cycle. As you can see, this one is labelled 5.3 due to moving to a 3 week cycle on dividend payouts.
The move to a 3 week payment cycle is to minimise the amount paid in fees for processing the dividends, as we do not wish to implement a minimum threshhold to be able to receive a dividend, and will be increased to 4 weeks (or monthly) once things have settled in.

So, how have we done so far?
Reasonably well is the short answer to that question, so here is a breakdown of business activity for the last week.

STEEM/STEEM POWER - Donation to the Company of approximate $50USD of STEEM POWER by the CEO. This has had a boost on income through delegation/vote selling
TROLL - Due to a short overnight internet outage, the wallet had to be closed and restarted. This cost approximately 11 Hours of staking time, but is now back up ad running smoothly. A further purchase of 14000 TROLL was made and added to the staking wallet. This gives a total of uver 300,000 TROLL staking, which is accounting for anywhere between 1.4% and 2.3% of the entire staking total on TROLL
BCH - This is progressing really well, and we have 490,000 Satoshi stashed away, with a further 240,000 awaiting withdrawal
DOGE - Faucet claims have been a bit tight this last week, but we have so-far managed to increase the holding to 927 DOGE
ZEC mining - Still holding stable, and this will continue to be used for the dividend and increasing the holdings of other earning coins

Overall, the value of the Company has decreased in $USD terms due to the fall in Crypto prices, however, the value of the Company in Cryptocurrencies has, and continues to, increase.

Looking forward to the future when ZEC mining contracts end, we are hoping that the shares will be sold through, and we can then look at issueing a Corporate Bond on the BURST Network. This will not pay a dividend, but will run for between one and two years with a guaranteed buy-back at the end of the set period with an anticipated interest rate of between 2% and 5% in BURST Value (NOT $USD), so a 10BURST Bond will be expected to have a buyback value of 10.5BURST. The Bonds will be freely tradeable with other users of BURST, similar to the Shares

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