Do You Have A Bitcoin Plan For 2018??? YOU SHOULD.... !! Daily Crypto News w/ Eugene Forrest

3년 전

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First it was a 'joke'...

then it was 'it will never be adapted'...

then it was 'the internet will go down'...

then it was 'the EMP'...

then it was the 'worst bubble ever'

then it was the 'tulip mania'

then it was the 'fraud, stupid'

then it was 'only criminals use it'...

then it was 'the hackers'...

then it was 'the NSA is controlling it'...

then it was 'the governments will regulate it to death'...

then it was 'using all the earth's energy'...

then it was 'transactions costs'

then it was 'the IRS will git ya'...

now it is 'government controls to stop the 'terrorists'' <-- YOU ARE HERE


You are very correct! Bitcoin is here to stay and I cant see banks own versions of cryptocurrency working too well because they want to regulate the miners on a closed blockchain. Well that's just daft really and completely goes against the purpose of blockchain technology! The big banks will lose. Crypto is here to stay!


But which bitcoin? Read my analysis, i was right...

It looks like my analysis about the Bitcoin battle was right so far:


That makes sense @donnaincancun. I agree with you


That's a great way to put it

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My plan is to keep 20,000 BitUSD available on Bitshares DEX and wait for BTC to drop back to $10k and buy 2. I have sell orders set for my altcoins when BTC starts to correct over 30%. Then I'll look for the bottom on the graphs and buy back. Rinse. Repeat. Everyday. I'm also going to take all my $$ off of Bittrex.

  ·  3년 전

Do you think BTC is going to drop back to $10k anytime soon? A 50% decrease would scare a looooot of people off the market.

  ·  3년 전

Why do you take all your $$ from Bittrex?


Bittrex has given off some red flags to me. It's a mix of intuition and market signals. Always remember to take off your $$ from exchanges other than your open orders. If you need quick money onto an exchange, buy litecoin and transfer.. then use that to buy alts or btc.


I don't know, but I know this bullride is almost over. I'm hoping for a temporary 50% correction so we scare off some Wall Street money & Grandpa's 401K... but I'd be happy with a 20% correction. Greed is rampant.


I would be very very surprised if bitcoin was ever to drop down to $10k again.


I want to see what this next correction is going to offer. Each one I've seen since the 2014 crash has been less than I expected... so scooping up 2BTC for 20K is best case scenerio.


@aomathew which altcoins do you invest in?


  ·  3년 전

I think never because i am poor :) forever


Start Posting ;-)

  ·  3년 전

Now wealth :)) . Thank you my rich friend.

Awesome stuff man, I am following you from few days and you are tempting me to put big orders and I can blow my risk management ;)
I am a disciplined forex trader and crypto trading was added this year to my portfolio. Still a lots to learn and you are doing a great job here.

  ·  3년 전

Nice video! I like how succinct it was.

Do you have anything to say about the meteoric rise of TRX? Up nearly 600% in the last week. Currently a top 20 coin by market cap. Surprisingly, nobody on Steemit seems to be talking about it that much!

  ·  3년 전

Never heard of this coin? lol

  ·  3년 전

That's what's so crazy!
I only know about them because of a fluke. I transferred some ETH to Binance to buy IOTA, and had about $2 left over. Didn't think it was worth the fees to transfer it back, so I decided to buy the cheapest coin on there for fun. TRX was around .7 cents then, now it's at 4.5 cents and nobody seems to be talking about it. Not here, not on Reddit.

Just getting started :D let's see how it rolls xD

Indian Income tax office has sent summons to those who have invested in Bitcoins and evaded the tax. How does these investors will defend now?

Nice Post and good Information.....

my 2018 plan - hold as always :))

Thanks for your lovely thoughts and helpful sharing

Accumulate as much Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, litecoin, Bitcoin gold and vertcoin as possible and hold

COOL VIDEO, HOLDING TO MUCH litcoin 2018 is a great one.

nice job.

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nice video by the way... want to collect more eth in 2018.. How will it be??? any suggestion???

ı love bitcoin :)

very good

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Payment proof

Correct, Bitcoin is here to stay and become stronger day by day. Most to institutions are supporting this and banks too are looking at this steep growth.

@bitcoinandcoffee Thanks for sharing this. I'll start putting together my 2018 bitcoin investment plan.

This is a proof of work “fraud” from Coinbase! Make sure you use your calculator before you make any transaction on this platform. Not only the calculated fee is higher than the displayed fee, in addition to that an entirely hidden charge will be revealed on top of all charges, if you are smart enough to spot it.
Leave your comment below, I am in search of a transparent place to buy cryptos and will share my experience with you guys so you can avoid these so-called trusted websites!


I don't think you should be spamming this everywhere, it seems like borderline libel. At the least this is misinformation, and feel compelled to post this reply to all of your like comments due to the apparent frequency at which you're posting this, and the magnitude of what you're implying.

"if you are smart enough to spot it."
Ironic... No offense, but you failed at a basic understanding of ratios.

Your math is off. It should always be the ACTUAL/TOTAL. In this case that would be the payment (after the fee)/cost of a single coin --> 961.63/12638.74 = 0.076085907BTC... Ergo, you're actually getting exactly what is expected (0.07608591BTC) from direct calculation using the correct numbers. There is no "secret fee", at least, not based on this evidence.

The site shows (on the right) that the coin amount is coming from the [total minus the fee]; whatever amount you enter is includes of the fee. In other words, you're only getting 961.63 worth of coin when you pay 1000 due to the fee, just as the website/receipt implies. If you wanted 1000 worth you'd need to pay something like 1046.


I am aware of the fees, I started noticing this kind of manipulation in the rate showing on their screen only when the time bitcoin is falling...and its not for the first time I buy this amount of Bitcoin from them and they are not the only exchange I trade with ...
I posted this video for the ones who are blindly trusting any broker just because they are controlled by big players... You are totally right about the fees but not that much...I have another video that the gap is more severe :

And to me who is not a smart guy like you, and obviously not a perfect accountant to see these tricky "formulas" that you spotted ...I just see the amount that I put fiat and the Bitcoin I receive based on coinbase market rate...

Nice post !
My plan is hodling. But if there will be a big crash i m ready with my stop-limit. My stop point is about 10k dollars. Great thanks to my friend who taught me crypto currency 7 months ago !