Why Bitcoin Is A Global Currency

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You heard it before and I will say it again Bitcoin is a global currency and here is why...

As many of us know Bitcoin has been banned in some countries, its trashed talked daily by banks and corporations and news media has a field day with it only ever reporting bad things about it and never good. We went through nearly 2 years of this FUD crap and guess what. Bitcoin remains high in price, continues to beat out other payment systems such as paypal putting them to shame. Offering the lowest fees ever with highly secure transactions.

Another huge benefit of it is it takes just as long and costs the same to send someone bitcoin that lives in the USA to another person in the USA as it would sending it to USA to Australia. A process that could take days, or a week and come with massive transaction charges and currency change charges.

When you look at how much money banks make off of these transactions it is clear to see why they are so threatened by bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

That being said it seems like Lightning network seems like it could be a viable solution to the issues we ran into on the last bull run. Our last bull run simply came to a halt due to high transaction fees and long wait times. Lightning network along with other systems such as zap seem to be paving a way in which those two core issues wont be issues any longer and allow bitcoin to become a global power house.

It also seems like this might be happening sooner then later as we have seen key figures starting to grab up large sums of bitcoin. Twitters CEO continues to by $10,000 in bitcoin every week.

When you look at it bitcoin has not moved for some time but what restricted it in the passed seems almost obsolete now with new systems which include lightning network, Zap and square.


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Naturally, all cryptos including BTC are designed to be used globally because the infrastructure used to transact these cryptos is the internet. As we all know, the internet is used globally and is borderless.

A great time to accumulate even if it is just as a hedge to the future of the digital economy. The potential of adoption continues to grow as technology develops.

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Anything the governments and banks fear has to have some value!

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