Trending Bitcoin News #40 - October 28th, 2018

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Bitcoin's White Paper Gave Us Liberty – Let's Not Give It Back

"...Ten years after Satoshi published the white paper that gave us bitcoin – and the explosion of innovation it launched – I continue to be astounded at its transformative power. Money is such a fundamental part of life, and it has played such a huge role in mine, for good and bad. Bitcoin is the awakened sleeping giant of it all because it has fundamentally and forever changed money and, more importantly, money's seat of power. For me, this is the most important aspect of bitcoin and cryptocurrency: its role in propagating power to the greatest number of people possible. What Satoshi did when he democratized money was hand every individual alive – and generations to come – vast personal liberty...."

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Bitcoin Network Congestion Reaches 95%, But Fees Hold Steady

"...Popular cryptocurrency analyst Willy Woo has observed what many others in the community have overlooked. While this year’s market downturn has shaved off approximately 70% of BTC’s value, the Bitcoin network is quietly gaining scale. It’s a sign of what many blockchain pioneers have been touting during the market downdraft, which is for developers to keep their heads down working without being distracted by the noise that’s surrounding cryptocurrency prices..."

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Bitcoin And Tasty Meat: A Crypto-Pioneer In Rural Kenya

"...Two years ago Beatrice Wambugu started trading in bitcoin. In a year she had made enough to buy a small Kenyan hotel and convert it to a restaurant. That restaurant, Betty’s Place, serves a popular goat meat barbecue dish called ‘nyama choma’. It also accepts both Bitcoin and Dash..."

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Bitcoin's White Paper Isn't Just Words – It's a Constitution

"... We tend to think of bitcoin as the network, nodes, miners and HODLers, but it's really an idea, first expressed in the white paper. (Many so-called white papers today are simply marketing or legal documents.)... Everything that came after, including the code, is a continuation of that idea. An ideal white paper, then, is an objective description of an idea. Beliefs about what the idea means can change, but if an idea is good people will build on it..."

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis: ARE BULLS MAKING A COMEBACK?

"...Bitcoin rose from $6,160 to $6,810 in under 3 hours. It has since corrected to $6,375 and is currently consolidating. Shorts initially dropped off as expected, but have since slowly started to rise. I find it interesting that longs are dropping significantly, at least as of writing this post..."

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