Cryptocurrency in India

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Well, its a little known subject among Indian citizens, mostly think its odd how a currency can be produced online? Its one of their wildest dream to ever hear such do exist. But, but the digital divide is very prominent here, and select few are ready to explain the algorithms and the technology working behind this like a Pandora's box.

Satoshi Nakamoto purpose behind this creation seems like a great solution to India's ever deprived section of mass who are excluded from financial inclusion. However many such half hearted efforts were made but none could bring the expected colors.

For once I felt bitcoins are going to deliver the technology tool for this pathetic upliftment, however many alike believes in the old school way, and a great allegiance to what lawman says. Ok, so far so much now we need a system of education to disperse this information of Cryptocurrency technology and there pros and cons in layman terms. This would give many a like to adopt and adapt to mental changes. This would also empower in psychological level to make and take decisions and culminating to mass adoption.

There's other concerns too, like bad guys what about them, plenty are thriving on such chances to fulfill thier aims. This is where the lawman and enforcers should stay vigil and eliminate the bad apple. However, this is not a new problem its been here since we humans developed some kind of sophisticated systems of work. They are the early birds to jump on it and indirectly make popular for the masses by delivering the flaws of the system which would be corrected to a refined state for the commoners.

India's geographic diversification is unique and widespread, technology like this is a boon in disguise. Probably implementation of such a system would be easiest and cheapest in terms deliverance.

I seriously think putting energy and resources to expand such a system could bring many to a simplified form of transaction on a value level. This world has recognized the power of this immense technology, now governments should facilitate in educating the mass who are still not yet digitally empowered.

Thank you

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