How to Convert 0.01BTC to 1BTC

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Well, if you are on steem, you must know something about Bitcoin I guess. But do you know how legally you could turn 0.01 bitcoin to 1 bitcoin within couple of months?


Daily trading is the best option. You know crypto values fluctuate a lot daily, why not use that for your advantage.
But when you trade with altcoins like ETH, BCH you may end up loosing than making any profit. Because what if you purchased when the coin was at its lowest.

So we need to use the coin which is less volatile in 24 hours and the buyers and sellers keep flowing at the same rate.

So I suggest go with Dogecoin(tired and tested)

So far I turned my 0.012BTC to 0.12BTC, since last 7 days.

If you see the list of buy and sell queue, they remain the same for whole day, so you can keep buying dogecoin at 23 satoshi and sell at 24 until the sum(BTC) of buyers goes down to less than 5BTC(this is when the price might fluctuate).

If you see below my current order

I'm waiting for the people to buy, and I will get back my 0.12 turned into 0.126(an earning of 0.006 per trade).

And as your balance increases your profit per share keeps increasing.

Even if you don't count that profit, say you make 0.006 per trade.

You just need 167 total such trades to make 1 BTC from 0.01BTC

if you want to make 1BTC in 2 months you have to make 167/60 = 2.78~ we will round of to 3 trades.

So if you make 3 trades every day you made 1 BTC in two months.
If you make 6 trades a day you make 1 BTC in 1 month

My sincere suggestion would be not to trust in anyone who says I have bots to do auto-trading . They will steal your money,

If you are interested we could do partnership. Remember I do fulltime trading, so its easy for me as I have many strategies which I don't sell to anyone.

Look below my trades

If you are interested we could do partnership. Contact me on

If you give me 1 BTC I will give back 3 BTC in 30 days.
If you give me 10 BTC I will give back 30BTC in 30 days.
If you give me 50 BTC I will give back 150 BTC in 30 days.

How do I make money out of this?

I don't do any bots, I analyze the market and invest in right places. I get back 4 times or even 5 times the invested value every time. I give back you 3 times and remaining I keep it. So that's how I earn.

If you interested contact me on

Thank you

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although this can be a risky approach, 👍if you were able to do this I will take it as a lesson :).
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