Crypto is NOT easy...

2년 전

As we sink further into the bear market, its important remind ourselves that we're all in this together. The Bitcoin bear market is a stark reminder that this space is not easy, it's not about overnight Lambos but rather a hard grind to acceptance and adoption.

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the lang plan am trying to get my friends in to it not as and investor but on the ide of crypto.your post is very great.

@boxmining sir, your all post is my very important. your video is very good.


thank you and I hope my post can help you

your video is very important for bitcoin.


thank u

The Cryptocurrency market is experiencing the opposite of the FOMO phase in that prices are declining despite great news that supports prices. However, prices went up so exponentially that time is required for a balance of the demand and supply for assets settle. This is subject to volatility given the varioua new entrants in the markets like institutions that do not necessarily share the same investment thesis as the traditional retail investors in the space. As the markets and certain assets mature, this will improve.

Crypto is giant pond where piranha wants to give you a tough time


Crypto is giant
Pond where piranha wants to
Give you a tough time

                 - techxegama

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

@boxmining sir, I don't know about bear market but I follow you continue.

There is not much sense or knowledge about beer market.

yes boss,blockchain and crypto are not esy.

I shall try to send a Tex about bear market. @boxmining .com.thank you.

Crypto space is definitely not an easy go through. There are hurdles and uncertainty but with time there will be more maturity in the market.

yeah Nobody can easily understand or judge the movement of crypto.


yeah,you're right it's very hard to understand and control the trendy

I agee wirh you.


agree with not agree wirh

Really informative video thanks for sharing.


you're welcome ,its my pleasure


keep up the good work like it and upvoted.


thanks for your upvote

I appreciate your great crypto analysis. We are all facinf the boring bear market for a long time. Hope like the end of 2017 we can again see the great moments of crypto market in the end of 2018.

I agree with you sir. Your valuable analysis always gives us the right direction.



thank you for your great comment

Crypto market is not peice of cake it is hard work...


it's not very easy

i feel you buddy ! its a painful bear ... however compared to this time last year we are still pretty high up. =) but unfortunately not for steem.

Well Crypto is easy.
But the bears, auto trading bots, whales need to stop this madness.
But still accumulating my coins. So that is nice.

Yeah @boxmining
Crypto is not EASY.

am just mining and moving more of my money slowly in the the space now days. the lang plan am trying to get my friends in to it not as and investor but on the ide of crypto.

Another awesome post 👍 @boxmining



I will second that.

You are right sir that the bear market is very disappointed for us. But always there is a great hope on cryptos. Hope the bear market will be end very soon.

Really appreciate your work .
Thanks for sharing.


you're welcome