Daily: Angry Koreans protest ban / Kucoin vs Binance / Neo Devcon


100,000 koreans have signed a petition against the "exchange ban". Overview of exchanges including Binance, Kucoin, Bittrex, Poloniex.
1:00 Market Analysis - Discounts over?
1:50 100,000 Koreans sign petition to stop crypto ban
3:04 KFC Canada Is Accepting Bitcoin for Fried Chicken
3:40 Exchanges Discussion
7:38 Walton Video 3
8:09 Vechain Video Contest
9:00 Neo Devcon

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You are so hard-working and have video everyday! Nice try!


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This is a funny post. Had me cracking up. All useful information too. It's just a matter of time before major retailers start accepting bitcoin. And when they do?! Boom! Thanks for this post1

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3:04 KFC Canada Is Accepting Bitcoin for Fried Chicken


LOL, Charlie Lee is the best!




This is hilarious but he's not wrong. Paying with litecoin could actually work in drive-thru scenarios. I wonder how this works as far as time. Do they not cook the food until X number of confirmations?


Yeah something about paying a $30 transaction fee and waiting an hour to get your chicken seems less than ideal to me...


Bitcoin should ideally be used for bigger transactions such as buying a new car or other things you usually don't bother paying 0,001 BTC as fee and waiting 1~2 hours for the transaction to complete.


posting is great hopefully steemit triumphant


yes very funny :D

i sell my bittrex acc for 5 btc :D


I heard of this but thank you so much for giving me details
Nice one @boxmining

Over 100K South Koreans Petition To Stop Crypto Ban! That's a lot of people in a very short space of time!

Awesome post man!

Good to see the people standing up for their right!


their rights?


Their rights to freedom to trade.

Hey, great value like always! Can you talk fundamentals on REDD?

Here's my technical analysis on it:

REDD (RDD) - Analysis (53% POTENTIAL PROFIT) — Steemit https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@benkalashnikov/redd-rdd-analysis-123-potential-profit


Thank you for the news @Boxmining , if you use exchange staking coins/tokens like KuCoinShares (KCS) or CryptopiaFeeShares (CEFS) you have no chance then to trust the exchange and leave the tokens there to 'mint' dividends,unless you do not want to receive the shared dividends but only trade but I guess these tokens do not have any specific wallet so they must only live at the producer exchange; but because they are exchanges tokens only, it is not possible to stolen them also :D

Im sure koreans will not let this happen!

Man I hope no fools bought a Binance account

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Petitions normally have a low chance of changing anything. If you look up the definition of petition it basically means beg, mainly when an inferior begs to a superior.
Protest means pro (for) and test (experiment), so if you are protesting you are for the experiment and the police will almost certainly beat the crap out of you.
If you "Object" to something that just gives a third party the chance to overrule the objection.

They key word people need to be using in situations like this is
If you send a letter to your MP and reject something they don't have any easy outs. If millions of people send notices of rejection it will convey much more weight than any petition ever will.

Send your letters to your elected officials as a Notice of Rejection.

That way they don't have any chances to deny overrule or retaliate by force.

We are ruled by words and our words convey as much power as theirs. Don't give them any power by choosing the wrong words.

I think KFC is a little to late with bitcoin acceptance. Who will use it now as a payment knowing its value? If they accept ripple instead it could work!


ripple?! What? He said KFC, not BofA.

go koreans!


함부로 얘기하지마세요

Come on Korea you can't let them ban. #protest

KFC Canada move to use bitcoin like that doesn't help.
Who would pay for a bucket of fries and then to be charged with 10 buckets of fries worth of tx fee.
Use litcoin as Charlie says :).

  ·  작년

It definitely makes much more sense to use Dash or Litecoin instead of Bitcoin. Shows how inexperienced corporate guys are about Crypto. But I welcome any crypto news.



Speaking of Binance, does anyone know of a good post pointing out all the problems with it? I keep saying I'm going to stop using it, but then struggle to buy/sell certain coins somewhere else (e.g. Tron).


What do you mean problems? I have been using binance for about a month and have had no issues so far. Deposits and withdraws are always smooth.


Yes I must say I find Binance easy to use, so far

But not as good as CoinSpot - coinspot is the easiest by far - they do work a different way and you need to watch their charts at Charts4CoinSpot.com to keep abreast of their pricing waves.
But I have been really please with them - they are pricier but in a good jurisdiction - Australia


I cannot find a single thing wrong with Binance


Only problem I have with binance is I'd like to be able to buy some of the penny coins a little quicker but from what I understand they really don't like to add coins there not sure about kinda a way of taking care of their customers I suppose I have got a few at a penny or so just seems there's been several good ones cheap here lately and they don't add till there a dollar or more besides that it's great the app works great and love the desktop version on my laptop I've used a couple exchanges it's the best kucoin seems to be alright to just started using it this week could be my new back up exchange for some of the penny cryptos

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Binance moved out of China. They are setting up several locations around the world in order to immunize themselves from idiotic government interference. They realize that quality of execution, customer service and security should be paramount goals. The demand for their service is growing exponentially. They are working on making shore their growth is controlled and scaled along with their capabilities. This is very much like the growing issues some cryptos have. They will be resolved. The internet was deemed too slow to be of any use when it was in its infancy.
A good interview with Binance CEO on Bloomberg:


Great Video!
But why do companies like KFC accept Bitcoin with insane transaction fees instead of Litecoin?
Can you imagine anyone buying chicken wings for 5 usd with 60 usd fee? Thanks!

Great video, I hope that the ban will be solved cause now the alts are bleeding away. In the meantime I write an article to make extra profits on kucoins with refferals, check: http://steem.link/FhY0V

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-12 om 15.23.12.png

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what will petition do when their is nothing centralised by governement ???

I am new here.Can you upvote me, please?

Good post buddy :):)

keep Posting

wow. It's amazing how Koreans are playing a significant role in promoting cryptocurrencies. GO KOREANS. GO!

awesome post thank you for sharing

Was just watching your youtube youre everywhere

Thanks for the post.. Hope everything goes well in Korea.

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I think banning the bitocoin or other coins is tempory. But in the future nobody prevent cryptocurriencies. That's the fact and no one ignore it. by the way thank you@boxmining for post

I keep seeing conflicting reports, have they banned them or not?


They have not banned them. I believe they are talking about potential regulations, but it's not a blanket ban like the news was reporting for a while.

This is a great news!!!
Even i wana join in! 😊

there is no ban at all

I REALLLLLY hope that the people can get that guy fired!

Stop the central banks! They are destroying the world for total control.

Stay woke.

Thanks for mentioning Poloniex too, I recently registered with them and still havent been verified.

Coinbase is my fiat gateway yes.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experiences. Good info.

S.Korea is not strong enough to hold back crypto. People will learn to flood into other crypto markets which will make it more difficult for the government to look over.

Thank you for your shows @boxmining!
crypto will continue on!

i want to know ethereum.......
carry one it
steemited done dear

Of all the recaps I like yours the best. Your diction is great, easy to listen to.

Biycoin is going to be viral soon, KFC Canada accepting BTC.
After some time btc users can do online shopping. May be

Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

Well this turned out in a real mess

It seems a lot of places are trying to crack down on the use of bitcoin. They have started to divide the community as well as scare off newbies. Im sure in due time everything will work itself out.

very good very good :-)

Hey Boxmining, thanks for bringing up the exchanges discussion! I did a steemit post on this topic yesterday. BitTrex, Bitfinex, Binance, Coss and Kraken have been offline or restricting new user registration - at least temporarily!
So a lot of them might not be usable for new users.
Kucoin might be a good solution - but also Huobi.

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I read from cointelegraph.com today, south korean goverment said that no cryptocurrency trading in south korea, I think that's a good news to the market.

Those who have signed the petition and I am in agreement with them.

  ·  작년

wow, amazing. it is really fantastic. keep posting such interesting and eyes catching stuff. Thank you.

Cryptocurrency trading in South Korea is highly speculative, resembling gambling closely even by financial standards, and tokens like bitcoin and ethereum are priced far higher than on other exchanges. And of course for KFC i need to move to canada. :P by d way awesome post @boxmining appreciate your work :)

wow!amazing video..i like your blog..thanks for sharing this post..best of luck.

I am also in korea. Things are so screwed up. The cost of bitcoin is also higher than U.S


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Please folow me

woww !amazing or interesting video.i like your blog.thanks sharing this information.best of luck.


You realize we can see your copy and paste by looking a few posts above yours, ya?

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Hey Michael. Can you help get this petition some publicity? We want coinbase to implement segwit since they represent a very large number of transactions on the network.


Actually news that matter, instead of the usuall lines on a chart.

Why the Korean government forbids the use of bitcoin ??

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thanks for sharing!

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Good work dear keep it up Thanks for sharing this post

Yeah BTC def needs to get their transaction fees and times in order but still cool to see a mainstream company accepting crypto. On another note, I expect more of what we saw/are seeing in Korea as governments scramble to protect fiat currency. 🙄

awesome post thank you for sharing :)
Big UP! :)

good post thank you

la mia es poloniex,que puedo hacer .puedo perde mi cripto alli-

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Great video man! Keep them coming!

after all, the ban was known to be call of only
ministry of justice themselves, not the government
it's a shame. They are playing the people with there public power

Good post


Nice synopsis on the Korea ban.

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Certified Bitcoin Professional

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Informative post!
Nice work mate

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Good job!

very interesting post about the information, I am very happy to read it thanks.

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Oh shit 100k! There are many people wow

Hope it works.

KuCoin > all, what does binance have on them ? notha

1:50 100,000 Koreans sign petition to stop crypto ban:

I for the one do not believe anything happens with just signing petitions. This is just for media's attention and YouTubers. Real changes at political level happens with advocacy, and not through just signing petitions and mouse clicks.

evet. dostum indirimler bitti artık, yeni yükselişin tabanındayız.

Go koreans! Do something for us haha


Heheheee, so true! We are standing by our Korean brothers and sisters in this petition :D

thanks someone has taken the initiative

Thanks once again for the great and relevant info man! Much appreciated


The South-Korean people are the ones who are really pushing this cryptocurrency industry forward, much love and respect!

This is a funny post. Had me cracking up. Good to see the people standing up for their right and what they believe in. i know its just a matter of time before major retail shops around the world start accepting bitcoin.

For cryptocurrencies to work in the long run and grow even further, we need to voice our opinions. If government representatives are spreading fud, it is irresponsible. If they want to regulate the markets too much in favor of their own interests or the interests of lobbyists, we need to fight back.

I love how the Koreans do not shy away from criticizing government officials. I believe in large parts of Europe we would basically just let them say and do whatever they want, hoping it is in our best interest.

PS: How can I become a Korean citizen? ;)

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