Daily: Bitcoin Cash Market Takeover

3년 전

Bitcoin Cash is shooting for the moon today, with claims that its the "real bitcoin". Are there any merits to its claim?

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Amazing, this market has very funny twists


Indeed :D

There's the network upgrade happening for Bitcoin Cash in a few days, which I don't think is a hard fork. But maybe Bitcoin will go up again slightly when people want to get their Segwit2x dividends a few days later, although the dividend this time is much less than before that cancellation message by the 6 people, so perhaps this is already priced in, which might be why it is tanking.

Once the lightning network is implemented for BTC then BCH will wither.

Watching bitcoin cash move is funny


That’s bitcoin classic which is a forked coin.
Nothing to do with bitcoin.


We're talking about BCH.


got it ...alot of ppl seems to be supporting bch...


No... A lot of people are are not supporting BCH, its a clever little illusion that that a few have orchestrated over the past few months virtually by keeping BCH on life-support by mining at a loss...and sending very large transaction between exchanges...

Now that the mining difficulty of bitcoin is up due to spam attacks they have convinced miners to mine the crap coin...simply because it is economically viable to do so...

thanks Mike,
I love your youtube posts, watch them every morning laying in bed down here in Costa Rica. Yes I saw your show with Arcane Bear,,, didn't know I had other crypto-freeks down here,,,, it good to know, I'm gonna try and get in contact with him.

On brand names (remember names are just semantics), there are mergers all the time no one cares Chase, JP Morgan, went to JP Morgan Chase to today just Chase again,,,,, Ford bought Jaguar,,, keep the "brand",,,,

with that said,,, "Bitcoin" Cash already has the "brand",,,, it doesn't have to change call letters or anything, it will just become the default psychological "BITCOIN" ----

I do believe Ethereum has now established itself and "The Rock" in stability for a cryptocurrency, hanging around $300, although no one is sure of the future of EOS and its affects on ETH.

Keep up your great work, I love watching you!

Why not just use Litecoin or Dash? People are. They're both founded on the same mathematical principles as Bitcoin, except they function much better, Dash especially so. "Digital store of value" is ludicrous, every crypto can be one once they establish a decades-long history of purchasing power stability, Bitcoin doesn't have a special "store of value" property. It's just a digital asset, and a piss-poor one at that.

What Core doesn't understand is that they're in a race. The race is to be the first digital currency that CAN be mainstream adopted and transacted with by most of the world's population. Bitcoin is maxing out its capacity servicing speculators. If that doesn't change soon, I can say with certainty that Bitcoin will lose that race and fade into irrelevance.

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Scary shit.
I think hard times are coming for Bitcoin

BCH is as much the real Bitcoin as people are ready to believe, personally I like BTC as a store of value and use ETH when I want fast transactions, also I think betting on POW coins is a bit of a gamble due to their massive dependency on energy and centralized farming, POS tokens like ETH are way more scalable in the longer term imo, just my $0.02 :)