Daily: Trezor Hacked, Forbes causes Fud, Segwit2x Block Set

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Boxmining Daily Aug 17:
0:30 Market Recap
1:56 Trezor Hack Revealed
3:40 Forbes causes FUD
5:45 Segwit2x Developers Set Date for Bitcoin Hard Fork
6:22 IBM Blockchain-based Supply Chain Network
7:15 China Spotlight - Bitcoin Cash Section
8:00 Upgrade Time

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Great post.


Hey, congrats on passing 40,000 subscribers! I'm grateful to be one of them!

Hey @boxmining, do you think the TREZOR hack is a big issue since it requires physical access? Or is physical security of hardware wallets something people should be worried about. I wrote this post with my own thoughts about physical security, but I'm curious about what you think.


I don't see the Trezor hack as a major issue. You need the physical device to gain access and they have issued a patch to

They said payout at every other day, but I have been waiting longer than 2 days. When payout do come they are for BTC but for ETH payout seem to be taking a lot longer. I have waited 9 days and recently this has been reduced to 3-4 days. So the sooner they fix this the earlier my ROI will be!!

Hi @boxmining!

Im following your daily updates on youtube since 1 month or so,
finally I wanna start buyin some cryptocurrencies aswell.

Do you have a litebit.eu promo code? Wanna support you and wanna get some % off :D

I used your genesis-mining code and bought 10 mH/s Etherum with it!


dont buy into ethereum mining... there is a difficulty timebomb due to which eth mining is very less proftiable..
even dash mining isnt so profitable now... go for bitcoin mining.


okay thank you for your advice man !


If anyone else has a promo code, I will use it if boxmining wont answer!


you can use mine if you want to: D8FX2x

Nice article and informative video! I'm giving an upvote! :D

Bitcoin yes! Great post

I haven't heard about IBM using blockchain for tracking shipping, very cool! Forbes has been called out for their BS. Unfortunately, it will affect the people thinking about joining cryptos but have no idea what it is. I was one of those people 6 months ago, and I am still learning every day! There is almost too much..lol
Thanks to people like you taking the time to share your knowledge and time I am learning a lot!


same here!.. Here, here.

great info! thank you

It's so crazy, I was just listening to Boxmining's show with NEO co-founder Da HongFei, now I'm seeing and hearing Boxminer, Boxmining and NEO everywhere, lol.

Hey @boxmining how good is BTC mining efficiency at Genesis Mining? (how many BTC do you get on average per day with 1 TH/s ) My experience with Dash mining is that mining efficiency is about half of what other cloud mining companies are giving.

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