Jeffrey Huang Interview: Rap Legend to Crypto Social Media Disruptor (Mithril)

2년 전

I have a Heart to Heart discussion with Jeffrey Huang (Machi, Mithril) about how he survived then thrived in the Live Streaming App space (17 Live Streaming). We also talk about why he made Mithril and how he'll use it to bring more people into the crypto space.
0:40 Experiences starting own businesses
5:17 Crypto scene - Vitalik, CZ
8:58 Lit and social mining
12:00 Challenging Facebook
13:43 Why use Lit?
14:28 Mithril Vault

Disclosure: I am currently holding Mithril (MITH) tokens.

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I'm not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.

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from rap to crypto - not bad!

Such thrilling platforms are really helpful in making the crypto space full of people.

Great work sir.
i really wait for your posts keep up the good work.


thanks for your support

I like this guy!

Such a valuable interview with Jeffrey Huang. I appreciate your great interview as it's very important for kind kind of interview to develop the crypto platform.

Such a valuable interview sir. And thanks a lot for discussing about the (MITH) tokens. Hope it will be a profotable token and gives us a lot of profit.

I wish you will touch your dream. Please Votes my post & best of luck


I will

Nice aditing your post

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Sir you have a great knowledge about crypto i want to ask you why market is still not going up.


I can't explain it clearly here

Great Interview thanks for sharing with us.


it's my pleasure to share these to everyone

Thanks for an interesting post!



thank you

and a love how he is explain "lit" and the ide of paying ur netflix fee. and not getting a lambo a like this so much.
Ned to jone a think

Down with Facebook!

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Hi my dear friend other guru? lol.

@boxmining wow !!! great discussion with Jeffrey Huang. Amazing one


looks great right?

very helpfull post..thank you for this post


you're welcome I will post more helpful articles

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Box always got the best guests!