News: Miners Dumping their gear / Trezor One Fakes? / OKEX manipulation

3년 전

Videos of miners dumping their gear surfaced yesterday, unsettling the market. Ironically this is really good news for the remaining miners. TRezor announced they found fake Trezor ones on the market.
3:43 BAKKT Delayed
4:40 Miners dumping ASICs?
7:35 OKex slammed over futures contracts
8:54 Fake Trezors
10:34 Boxmining Calendar Collectables

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Wow anything to shake up this bear market! Does anyone actually believe that someone intelligent enough to figure out how to mine would throw away there machine’s LOL 🙃

Since you mentioned leverage trading, it would be really nice if you can educate people to stay away from leverage trading and the possible risks associated with it. There are many people who want to make up for their loss and are jumping towards leverage trading.

Thanks sir @boxming for sharing the valuable update. Hope the market will be recovered very soon.

I agree with your speech ''Ironically this is really good news for the remaining miners''

I believe your information.Thank you.

Guys check out my analysis for Nuls. Solid Project

The video of the miners ditching the miners might not even be new, we have seen such videos in the past... And even if it's new, as you say, they get rid of the old miners to get new ones... \n\nNow the way they do it doesn't seem any environmentally friendly at all :/

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If they dump these asics like trash they sure have not payed 2k a piece for that.