[dtube] Matrix (MAN) Interview w/ Steve Deng - Chief AI Scientist

3년 전

In this interview, Steve explains the Matrix blockchain and how it uses AI techniques to revolutionize the landscape of cryptocurrency.
0:52 AI and the challenges of blockchain
2:50 How will Matrix achieve its goals
5:55 Selection for their PoS consensus
8:13 Mining procedure
14:13 MCMC algorithm
16:11 AI and smart contracts
21:25 Progress of the project
22:34 Security of the blockchain

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Cryptocurrency became mainstream in 2017, however, Blockchain technology which powers most cryptocurrencies, is still in nascent stages. The recent crypto hack on Binance raised one more red flag for exchanges and investors to look into better and smarter risk control mechanism, which i think matrix is fully capable of


Totally agree with you 2017 was the awekening year for
Cryptocurrency market.

@boxminingGreat video You alays share great video with great information I always learn from your video its good that you share video Keep sharing with us Wish you all the best

"Okay cool = okay google" xD

MATRIX also might reduce cases of cryptocurrency fraud and theft with reports of such incidences increasing over the past few months


cryptocurrency market was too much down but its a great time to invest some money on BTC!

i hope market problem solve asap!

This great information I appreciate your bitcoin thanks for sharing thiscrytocurrency news best of luck my dear friends....

Matrix aims to majorly combat and reduce cases of cryptocurrency fraud and theft with reports of such incidences increasing over the past few months. With most Blockchain projects having to deal with the hard fork community splitting and digital asset devaluation challenge, MATRIX offers evolutionary parameter optimization without triggering hard fork while also offering the intelligent integration of public and private chains with AI-based coordination.

Great and insightful interview! I think it demonstrates how technology in the cryptocurrency space continues to accelerate to improve on the network constraints currently present in the system by conbining another innovative technology initiative that is AI. The brainpower behind these projects are inspiring and lead ne to believe exciting things are on its way.

Sir recently i read that google is also thinking about his own blockchain. sir so waht do you think how will it effect the metrix blockchain???

@boxmining Singularity NET (AGI) is another great AI blockchain project.

wow, That's Great. Loving the Idea.
Thanks for the review @boxmining

Do you also talk about Quantum Comupting? Many say (ex. Microsoft) it is already ready, but who can prrof that the computing people really derives from a new kind of chip?! #marketing

Thanks a lot Mikel for your interview !

Really interesting project he is building with his team! Looking forward to AI a lot.

Thanks for sharing i like it

Crypto information Nice to see your video Follow you For feature post Good job

Cool stuff and very impressing project.

I'll keep my eyes on it

Thank you for sharing, I'll be supporting you here on Dtube since I'm trying to stop using youtube completely.

Hope this doesn't bother you,
I know this is out of topic but have a look at my channel, I'm trying to cover my life as a skydive instructor maybe some of your friends might enjoy it?

Admins on telegram confirmed that MATRIX will be listed on "EXCHANGES" during this week. They plan to list it on 4-5 exchanges till end of April. Matrix is the project that every investor is looking for. What they are going to accomplish is a massive game changer in crypto.
Thanks for the Nice post.

I cannot believe you still haven't done an interview with Zilliqa...Kind of lose credibility not doing a massively important project like that.

Great work @boxmining,
Loved the interview. And Thanks a lot for sharing with us!

cryptocurrency market was too much down but its a great time to invest some money on BTC!