Trezor Unboxing (Trezor Guide Part 1/3)

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Unboxing a new Trezor! This fancy white box can is a hardware wallet that can hold multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash. With hardware wallets, the private key never leaves the device - meaning that hackers can't steal your Bitcoin!

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Best feeling! I wrote about when I first got my one here -


Thanks for this, i follow your vids on youtube as well, love the work you do!

I agree, great investment for peace of mind.

Trezor > Ledger!

What is your opinion on paper wallet? Hardware wallets are little bit expensive for small investor like me. This Trezor wallet costs almost $200 on Amazon in my country.
Also, how do you backup software wallets while formatting the system to re install the OS.


You are right. The price of hardware wallets is on the expensive side, it will keep many away from them. If you plan to hold and keep investing in Crypto currencies for a long time, i would still recommend it, because of the added security in your investment. You may buy $100 worth of Bitcoin today, but what if you hold it for a long time and then is worth $1,000? Or more. Paper wallets are useful in that you can keep storing your coins there but remember two things: 1) You can only add coins to your paper wallet so you won't be able to use it for say daily transactions. 2) It is a piece of paper and you have to make sure you keep it safe somewhere. Fire, water damage could destroy it easily, so you may want to have more than one copy or make sure you have your address and private key backup somewhere safe. Cheers.


Thanks. I had a misconception that i can use paper wallet like a normal software or hardware wallet.


@themobilewriter To backup you can write down the seed words or private key on a piece of paper.

I keep multiple copies on paper and encrypted usb.

The easisest and safest way is to export your wallet file but if you forget your password you won't be able to get back in. SEED words and private keys need to be encrypted to be secure!

You also have ledger wallet which is cheaper and just as effective.


Thanks for sharing. This was something i did not knew. I am currently using exchange wallet to keep my bytecoins & bitcoins. Bought both them just 20 days ago. I was little hesitant to transfer them in software wallet installed in my system. I actually have to change(upgrade) my motherboard to add another graphics card in my pc. I have OEM copy of windows 10. Since, windows considers motherboard change as a major change, i may have to install a fresh copy of windows by formatting the system. This had me worried since formatting erases all the system data. This is why i was considering paper wallets.

What happens if the wallet gets corrupted or stops functioning?


This is a major concern for me too. Any how it is a electronic device. A lot of Pendrives have got corrupted in the past.


As long as you have your seed words (the words are given to you when you first setup your Trezor) you can restore your wallet on a new or wiped Trezor hardware wallet.

that's a really wise decision, i don't want to store anything on a website with the way they're hacking everyone's holdings.

I've heard a lot about such devices and having seen the video I understood, I must buy! Thank you @boxmining

Can you have multiple addresses for multiple cryptos? Sorry for noob question.

Is the Ledger Nano S not better value and holds more types of coins. These kinda expensive as normally get them free from banks. But I guess have to pay as you are your own bank.

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Thanks for sharing. I want just want a rob me sticker. jk

I am more interested in a hardware wallet now but i am also interested in a paper wallet

Trezor and other wallet machines will be every where in the future due to its safety reasons.

Thanks for the unboxing review man....

Thank you for your information. Nice post.

good video now following

looks really handy .... but i dont think i can buy in my country... pakistan

Can we store altcoin


You can store a lot of altcoins on the ledger nano s it´s cheaper and #1 hardware wallet at the moment.

great work @boxmining
Been following you for more than half a year now.

Hi Boxming,

You were advertising Ledger for a while, and now Trezor.
I was wondering if for long term storage, which one is the better?

(Currently using Ledge nano S atm, not sure if it is worth transferring my funds to Trezor ..)

wow amazing in 4 hours votes 349.28.good job

Thanks for this