Altcoin Buzz Joins Steemit!

4년 전

Today I want to celebrate the fact that @AltcoinBuzz has joined Steemit! If you're at all interested in cryptocurrency or investing in the newest crypto technologies, I recommend following their channel and showing them some love. They're responsible for a lot of the wealth that I've been able to achieve in the crypto space and they continue to provide so much value to their following.

Follow them here:

If you're interested in videos, tutorials, and how-tos, I encourage you to follow my channel and leave me replies of things you would like to learn about. If I don't know the answer, we'll learn together! :)

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That's it! It's also a great idea to go ahead and follow my channel so that you don't miss any upcoming posts. You can do that here:


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Wow @brandonfrye! Was wondering where that extra SBD came from! Really appreciate you hooking it up!

Congrats on the 850+ followers ~ you're killing it! Also, appreciate the headsup on @altcoinbuzz!

Thanks again buddy!


Thank you @dirkboy41 for the continued support. And yes, @altcoinbuzz is the real deal if you're interested in crypto. Keep up the great work man!

Thank you so much Brandon Frye, we are really feeling the love from the STEEMIT Community. You rock!


Thank you @altcoinbuzz for the information you continue to share with everyone. You guys have helped me SO much in my crypto endeavors. And yes, you won't find love on any other social platform like you will here on Steemit. We bring the love in full force!! haha. :)


ha! that's for sure- not naming any names but the founder's name might rhyme​ with uckerberg. I'm like, "How many years do I have to pay to boost my posts before friends and family get to see what i want them to?"

Glad I found you guys on here. I've been watching you guys on youtube since October. I always feel better about the market after listening to you guys!


Same here! Jeff is like a therapist lol

Hi @brandonfrye! Found you on YouTube a while back, you're one of the people who convinced to become a Steemian.

I was wondering if you had any recommendations of where to look for advice on shorter term trading techniques within the crypto/alt coin markets.

I'm a long term hodler, but I'm interested in ways I can grow my stake without necessarily having to invest more fiat currency. Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance!

@brandonfrye Hey, thank you for welcoming us the Altcoinbuzz army, looking forward to learning from you as I stumbled upon you from this video!

Definitely something to celebrate after all the value that is brought to us.

that is informative post ever on crypto....
thanks for sharing that....carry on dear....

can you share the @... link to altcoinbuzz? Video doesn't load on my side, probably bcs of the brave browser

I must say that i have followed you consecutively for 7days + on steemit. And each time i visit your blog i find something new. As a newbie in the community you are one of the few i started following because value is highly need in content creation in the steemit community.

The introduction of #altcoinbuzz is awesome because it simply means you are creating value and sharing it as well.

Your selfless nature and goodwill is making you do this. You have a level of success in the cryptoworld is an evidence.

I want to sincerely say thank you for doing this and please dont stop.

Steemit is a wonderful decentralised community and I am glad I met you here.

Thanks for sharing.

I am me @brightfame


Thank you @brightfame, that means a lot. I will continue my push to bring valuable content to my followers and help anyone who needs it. Thanks again!

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It is great that finally Altcoin Buzz finally went into Steemit. Congrats! This is the site that you recommended in a video to know more about cryptocurrencies and this is really a very informative group of people who are passionate about cryptos. Thank you very much, Brandon. Upvoted!

haha good decision they took i must say.
congratulations on 850+ followers. resteeming

@altcoinbuzz is officially my fave steem channel right now! I'm so excited to see what channels like datadash, cryptodaily, altcoinbuzz become in the future as crypto becomes increasingly legitimized. These are trusted news sources during these early adopter days. Very appreciative of yal's work!!

Although I love how steemit keeps growing and growing, I wish to see more niches start to pull their weight becauze its mostly photography and crypro now a days but I am sure it will in the future. Big welxome to Altcoibs on our site you will enjoy it guys :D

Go altcoinbuzz !!! you guys rock !

Altcoin Army is everywhere!

Huge welcome to the guys at @altcoinbuzz

Steemit is pretty much perfect now lol


Lol, I agree. :)

What a great video!!! lol. Keep up the good work guys. You really are helping people to navigate this new found territory. Thanks for the help transitioning into the future.

This news made my Monday better! So glad to see that the Altcoin Buzz Army is spreading knowledge and love! ❤️

I'm In Bitcoin but on the lookout for hot new crypto-opportunities!
Check out my post: "Tips to find the next Bitcoin" -

wow, following you is learning something new everyday.
thats for delivering good information.

I saw someone else welcome them to Steemit, very happy to see @altcoinbuzz here!

Thanks for sharing this with more people, I can see @altcoinbuzz building a large following very quickly on Steemit.


Yeah, @stackin beat me to it lol. Both are great channels and I recommend following them both. And yes, I can see @altcoinbuzz building big here. I'm happy to help them in anyway I can.


Yeah that's where I saw it, I'm following both already! As am I :)

Altcoinbuzz! Great that you posted the info for Steemit. I will be promoting my music on this as this seems to be a great platform to do so. Cheers all !

You’re closing in on a 1000 followers now @brandonfrye, congrats!

It’s good to see dtube is growing more everyday too.

Thanks for the link I will be sure to follow @altcoinBuzz. I just have one question if they are responsible for alot of your wealth and they have only joined Steemit in January of this year then where were you following them earlier? was it discord or telegram or something like that?

Hey Brandon, I'm new to steemit. Like your posts and videos so you are the first one I'm following. Keep up the good work!

Following them already. Thank you very much for letting us know about it! :)

Altcoin, yet another cryto I Definitely need more reading into....thanks! Welcome!

sir i have question , i know this is post about ALTcoin but my question is about steem payout .. i have watched your steem post and payout videos but i cant understand why the figuers dont match.
see the image then tell me how calculation works
. i got 1.254 SBD and 0.266 STEEM POWER i dont know how they calculate the payout SBD i add all which equals to almost 1.5 so my question is where is 1 sbd gone ? plz reply becoz you are not replying me from last few posts and i dont know why ..
why i get too low in my wallet ?

i hope we will have good adventure :) all the best

Totally agree, I have been in the cryptospace for just over a year now and I am glad to see a channel like them finally get here. They post great videos and have helped me out with the quick videos about emerging Cryptocurrencys. I basically get my what white paper to read next from them. Just found you on YouTube today. Great video on curation Rewards!

Welcome to Steemit Alt Coin Buzz. Love your videos, twitter and Instagram. I love content and I look forward to more. ALTCOINBUZZ to the moon!

  ·  4년 전

I would like to start watching you guys only on D Tube!


here i go,
yay? nay?
please 😂😂😂


Technically yes, that’s a unique comment as it hasn’t been posted yet and it lets me know that you understand how the comment reward works. But the reason why I offer the comment reward is to encourage valuable feedback on my videos. I’ll leave it at that.


haha sure why not. thanks anyways.