Bitcoin ETF: My Best Article for Crush The Street This Year! πŸ‘ 😎 πŸš€

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As I'm sure virtually all of you know, bitcoin prices have soared while most other cryptocurrencies have gone flat or declined.

Why is bitcoin suddenly the leading cryptocurrency? The SEC is finally reconsidering the idea of a bitcoin ETF. Previously, VanEck, along with other parties, have submitted proposals only to be quickly rejected.

This latest proposal -- the third one by VanEck -- has more clout because the CBOE is backing it. That, along with international regulatory approvals for bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges, has led to the SEC giving it a thorough look-over.

Obviously, a bitcoin ETF being approved bodes well for bitcoin prices, but at what cost?

Surprisingly, we have an almost identical blueprint for this scenario, and it involves perhaps the most diametrically dissimilar asset class to bitcoin.

To get the inside scoop, and to see what the mainstream media is missing, please check out my CrushTheStreet article, "Bitcoin ETF: Don’t Ask If, but Who." 😲
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