Bitcoin to Start Making Its Way Higher Following World Cup Highs and Lows ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Every four years, the World Cup fascinates billions as they tune into stadiums, sports bars, and living room sets, cheering their national team on.

At first, elation over the tournament starting is at a fever-pitch. But since 32 teams must eventually be whittled down into one, there's more often agony than the sweet euphoria of victory.

And what will those fans whose teams have been dumped out of the World Cup do?

Let's face it...watching your team lose in a quadrennial event sucks. So as regular folks pick themselves up, the best medicine is to get back into your routine, or to start a new venture to distract from the pain.

Honestly, what better aphrodisiac is there than buying bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency assets), with the real potential of making serious money?

At least, that's how I view the current modest lift in bitcoin prices.

People could use a pick-me-up, and bitcoin offers exactly that! :)
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Yeah, not so sure. They may have lost all their money by betting on the wrong team!