Introducing a Bitcoin Brokerage Concept for the General Public! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜„

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If you could name the biggest impediment to further bitcoin and blockchain integration, what would that be?

In my opinion, the greatest challenge to the growth of cryptocurrency markets, and what I have termed the "blockchain economy" is public acceptance. Currently, mainstream critics blast bitcoin and alternative crypto tokens, or altcoin assets, as completely irrational, speculative gambles.

And because these critics carry significant clout and credibility, the general public takes them at their word. This perpetuates a profound level of ignorance that stymies growth by stopping positive momentum in its tracks.

I'd like to put an end to this deliberate misinformation campaign by proposing a "bitcoin informational brokerage" concept for the general public.

So what exactly is a bitcoin informational brokerage? πŸ™‚

For all practical intents and purposes, bitcoin doesn't suffer from a technical or conceptual flaw. It only suffers, again for practical purposes, from fear and ignorance.

Indeed, fear and ignorance are one of the root causes for many social ills, including xenophobia, various acts of discrimination (racism, sexism, ageism, etc) and certain mental/emotional disorders.

We see fear and ignorance negatively impact bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets all the time. In fact, we have a name for it...FUD, or Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

But FUD is a deep-rooted, and perhaps generational problem. It is, I would also argue, a "nationalistic" problem. This is the reason why most Americans are curious about bitcoin, but fail to take the plunge, while other nations, particularly Asian nations, are very much open to everything blockchain.

What a bitcoin informational brokerage will do is to broker information, or true knowledge about bitcoin and the blockchain economy. Call it an educational resource for the bit-curious.

Only by converting the fence-sitters, along with those who have never considered cryptocurrency investments, will we ever achieve the necessary integration to take bitcoin to the next level.

How does this "brokerage" separate itself from other resources? πŸ™‹

The biggest difference I submit to you is that everything this brokerage offers is completely free!

It pains me to see so-called "trading experts" charging money -- I don't care how much or how little -- for their proprietary trading models, or other non-sense.

Let me be 100% crystal-clear about this point: proprietary trading models are total bullshit. Folks, I've worked in Global 500 companies throughout my career, and I have nearly 900 mainstream business and financial articles to my name, 770 of which have been graded by independent investment-analysis aggregator TipRanks.

To put this into perspective, I'm a higher-ranked analyst than gold and silver expert Peter Schiff! 😲

In other words, I know what I'm talking about, and I will apply the same level of professional, high-grade expertise for the cryptocurrency sphere, all for zero charge to the client.

Another differentiating component is that the bitcoin brokerage will foster a positive, constructive environment for the complete crypto newbie. My target demographic isn't necessarily the know-it-all, hipster Millennial.

Instead, I want to speak to your mom, your aunt Gertrude, or better yet, Grandma! Because if she can understand and enjoy bitcoin, there's no reason why any other demographic wouldn't!

But how will this brokerage sustain itself? πŸ˜‰

I'm glad you asked! As you might imagine, I intend to open the informational brokerage to crypto-related advertisements. In addition, I'm working on a cryptocurrency concept -- yeah, I know, another ICO...LOL!! -- but this will be further down the road.

Another important funding source is through donations, and venture capital. Essentially, I'm only one person, and one person can only do so much. But with investment funding, I'd like to bring onboard like-minded people to join me in this next step towards bitcoin integration.

Finally, I'd like to reach out to the Steemit community. If this concept sounds like something you'd be interested in, and would like to support, please upvote, share, and help get the word around! πŸ‘ 😎

I'd like to get going as soon as possible, and step one is to set up the physical infrastructure so that I can bring in clients -- I'm dead-sure that tens of thousands will flock to our doors -- and create informational seminars for further value and attractive marketability.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and once again, I greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word! ✌
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