Andreas Antonopoulos's latest talk on Blockchain @ Deloitte FinTech Talks event in Milan

5년 전

Another great speech by Andreas, this time at a FinTech event in Milan attended by some of Europe's biggest bankers.

Representatives from London Stock Exchange, Bank of Ireland, KBC Securities, Banca d'Italia, and others were in attendance at the event last month. Rather than summarise the content myself, here's Andreas' description from the youtube site:

"In this talk, Andreas explores the rise of the term "blockchain" as a counterweight to bitcoin. The term blockchain does not provide a definition, as it has been diluted to be meaningless. Saying "blockchain" simply invites questions, such as "what is the consensus algorithm". Meanwhile, bitcoin continues to offer an alternative to the traditional financial system. Andreas looks at the value of private ledgers, which he sees as having a small impact on finance, versus open, global and accessible payment and currency systems such as bitcoin which he sees as fostering a global revolution in finance and access to financial tools."

Check out the live question stream at the end of the presentation. Shame he didn't have time to answer more...

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great video

I watched this video too; agreed good watch, it's always nice how Andreas has a way of perking you up and making you feel warm and fuzzy.


Now you have me wanting to watch it. I always loved listening to him speak...even if I do not agree with every one of his stances.