Has Bitcoin Hit Bottom? Time For A Bounce?

3년 전

It is looking like we have hit the bottom with Bitcoin hitting about $6600 USD.. Atleast I hope so!

Technical analysis rsi has finally hit oversold. From prior experience this is what we have had to wait for. You can see the significant bounce around $6600 USD.

Here is to wishful thinking, that we begin an uptrend. I'm not expecting a rocket ship but some upward steady growth would satisfy. Right now might be a good time to pick up some large cap discounted coins.

Have we hit bottom? Tell me what your thoughts are!

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I also hope, that we've reached the bottom, but I don't think so.... In my oppinion, this is a Bull Wick, so there is more to come!

The bottom will be reached at $5500, maybe $5000. But I really, really don't hope that I'm right.

It would be a good sign if we've a vertical movement for 2-3 hours, maybe a whole night. This would be an indicator for me that this fu*** correction has ended, 1 1/2 months after it has started


I think we will break below $5000 before next Tuesday.


I hope you are wrong as well! haha, but i'm glad you shared your thoughts. It definitely could be a bull wick. Lets pray for a trend reversal.

I think it is WAY too early to call a bottom. I'm looking at $4000 for next Monday not even being the bottom.


ouch, I really hope not. No one knows where its gonna go, so you could be right. I hope i'm right though.


Theoretically anything is possible but I think it's headed back down to 1,000. If it does get there I think I will definitely try and buy it at the bottom and ride it back to as high as 10,000.

waiting for more from you chasegapo! keep motivating!