Exclusive Interview with Elise Cray, Marketing & Operations Manager at iTech Labs for BestBitcoinCasino.com

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BestBitcoinCasino.com — a great source for bitcoin casino newsbitcoin casino reviews and of course…the best bitcoin bonuses is getting famous for its WomenInIgaming interviews.

We are sharing an excerp from the latest exclusive interview with Elise Cray. She is the Marketing & Operations Manager at iTech Labs, a certified and reputable testing laboratory for Online Gaming systems certification and Quality Assurance testing.


Dear Elise, please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit more about how you entered the iGaming industry and what made you stay.

I joined the industry just under four years ago when I started working with iTech Labs. I had just moved back to Australia from a couple of years spent in England, and it just sort of all fell into place. It was a brand new industry to me at the time, and one that I was excited to learn more about. Through my time at iTech Labs, working on the compliance side of the online gaming industry has given me a real appreciation for the regulations around online gambling, and their necessity when it comes to playing a part in looking after players. It’s great to work for a company that so forthrightly contributes towards compliance in the industry, and through looking after our customers, also looks after the general public.

If you have to explain iTech Labs in the most simple way, what would you say?

We are a leading testing and certification laboratory for online gaming systems, to put it as simply as possible!

You started strong during ICE 2020. What are your plans 6 months later?

As you mentioned, we had a strong start to the year with ICE 2020, and things shortly afterwards entered some pretty uncertain territory, globally. We were lucky enough to continue experiencing the growth we’ve been seeing prior to the pandemic, so our plans at this point are to keep that growth snowballing even further and continue moving from strength to strength.

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