How Many Donuts Can You Get With 1 Bitcoin? // Then vs. Now!

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Hi Friends!

I had a LOT of fun designing this graphic today in celebration of National Donut Day. Thought you guys might get a kick out of it. 😆

A lot has changed in 10 years... so imagine how many donuts we’d be able to buy in 2029! I’m no graphic designer, but I’m slowly improving my skills - one meticulously placed mini donut graphic at a time. 🍩

Enjoy and feel free to share! Especially if done while consuming some tasty deep fried dough.

Surprisingly (because I love all things sugar), donuts aren’t my favorite. That being said - I offered to take my youngest brother out for donuts today to celebrate him being on summer break. School finished up yesterday for him!

Cheers and I hope you are all able to enjoy a tasty treat today.

XO, Lea

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Donuts are fattening maybe panera bagels instead?


Hahah is take a bagel anyway over a donut! Although with the amount of cream cheese I put in there... I’m pretty sure the bagel would be more fattening. 😆


Whole grains no CCheese!!!🤠yeehaww

3847 Donuts with 1 Bitcoin and still those donuts must be pretty good because they are expensive!! :D


Hahah yeah I went conservative and budgeted for more of a specialty/local donut shop price.

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Haha looks like in 2009 the donut had a nite taxed out of it. Those are A LOT of donuts!

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