Live streamed : BITCON CRAZY DIP, and I STEEM

4년 전

In regards to quality of information, the word fact has no meaning in my life, only the word NOW is relevant, is real.

YEN OMMM.. is my magic money mantra.

Everything has two sides, and I choose the side to give attention.

True = earth is my physical experience of now. False = planet earth is a round ball spinning in space... perfect balance... read more

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If I didn't have some part of my portfolio powered up, loaned or staked, I would be going nuts today. Several of those choices were influenced by Craig directly.


and I smile :)

What a Wonderful day to BUY.... Loading up on BTC and Steem right Freakin now... In the Flow Baby...

These are some pretty crazy dips. But I thinks it's healthy for Bitcoin to take a breather. lol we we're literally going straight up for a couple weeks, but no need worry ^_^. It's always a great time to buy in during pull backs. Steem On!!

Thats gotta be a pretty massive dip on your pile'o' worries when its free. It will be 5k EOY anyways

the secret is acceptance....

No pain bro, this is the market! Time to buy buy buy buy

Thought provoking info. thanks for posting - Upvoted & following!

1900 is the buy. Noted. :)


Thats its man, just chill relax, watch them coins go down and up then go party !!!! Yeah freedom. Thanks mate

When I tried to watch the video it said: 'This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds'
What horse****

one day its up 15% and then next down 10%. Seems to do this every few days now. After it dips it will stablize and hold for a couple before doing it all over again in another couple of days.

@craig-grant This Youtube video is blocked in my country it says, because of SME content or whatever :(


b/c of the music prob


Yup, i guess they need to use SingularDTV or something ;)

bitcoin down :D


STEEM is better than bitcoin ;)

lots of crazy things happening in this crypto world what can we do.

Wish I could watch your video... Living in Cancun Mexico and this is what I get when I try to watch... :-(



get a VPN holmes!!!


it's only for the sexy people :)


I have a pet shark how damn sexy do I have to get!?¿¡ Harsh craig...harsh

You're like the happiest 'everything-easy' crypto guy out there!

Who cares, it will go back up. If anything now is a good time to buy.

"diamonds they look like dasani more like voss"!

Thanks for the witness vote again, Craig! That's powerful... I think it's time to make me a new Magic Glass Bead necklace by the powerful... Craig Grant! How much is it this time around ? :)

A+ on a unique presentation!!

Fell inlove with your personality today!
Glad to discover you man! )

Its alright. Im just buying up btc rn.

imma start giving you likes for no reason

Thanks for your work.
You a give great info for crypto investment. Keep doing what you're doing, it's good for me

5 years from now, steem is at $1000.

Steem down some today but it is all fine because today I passed 500 followers!