Merchant arrested in the US for intermediating the purchase and sale of bitcoins without a license

5년 전

A man of 52 years was arrested in Oakland, in the United States after having operated a business of buying and selling of cryptoactives without the necessary licenses according to the laws in force in the North American country.

The subject, named Bradley Anthony Stetkiw, would have negotiated more than $ 150,000 dollars, so the authorities decided to prosecute him. Stetkiw used his account in LocalBitcoins, with the alias SaltandPepper, to offer buy-sell mediation to potential clients -activity that is regulated on American soil-, with which he met at a restaurant in Michigan called Tim Horton.

Through a covert operation that took place since mid-June 2015, federal agents met with the merchant up to 6 times, and bought more than $ 55,000 in Bitcoin, contacting even overseas sellers. The case was opened in the United States District Court, and the investigation was exposed by Special Agent Bryan Randall.

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