Market Crash | A Bubble Pop

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💙 Market Crash - Bubble Pop - BCC ICON and ICOs.
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00:00 Sorry Guys
01:02 Technical Analysis Thoughts
01:32 Why is The Market Crashing Today?
02:23 Irrational Market
03:39 Exciting Year Regardless
05:09 Indian Statement
05:37 $10k Bitcoin Extrapolated
05:56 BitConnect Lawsuits Mount
07:18 Future Bubble Pop
07:53 Massive ICON News
08:20 ICO Coverage
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Does anyone think about the absurdity of the US Govt subpoenaing a company to make sure that there is a dollar for each USDT coin?
The one thing they have refused to do to the Federal Reserve Bank?

It might blow up but will never go pop

Loving your videos and enjoyed this one again too. Thank you, please keep it up. And thanks for the ICO review channel tip. Much obliged!

Definitely one of the most informative and pertinent technical analysis out there -> I love the Brontosaurus pattern! Though I prefer to use tools like the Lagrange-Honey-Badger retracement, personally..

Buy the DIP and HODL hard!!! Let the weak hands exit.

I'm grateful I discovered you sir 2 days ago. I love this chill style and I might adopt it in my future youtube videos as well, you give us the best example that a content can be entertaining without being energetic and stuff like that.

I completely agree with you, this dip in the market is really healthy and might be suffering us all to the win of the cryptocurrencies in the long term.

Seems like PayPal also opposes cryptocurrencies. Too much bad news the last weeks :(

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CoinPrice (USD)📉 24h📉 7d

Holding through this will make me feel less guilty when I am a crypto millionaire ;D

  ·  2년 전

Omg! Didn't know you had Steemit! Watching all your videos here from now!

So good. This video has a positive spin on this market going down. Thank you! :)

@crypto-daily i have an idea: have you heard of ian balina, he is a famous ICO investor, you can download his spreadsheet for free and re-review all the projects he invest into! haha, what do you think?

I came for the financial advice, I stayed for the ironic disclaimers...