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Thanks! If posters really liked this article- I have some more up my sleeve! I hope to have an article series coming out. Otherwise I'll be doing some on the education project I'm working on too. That one will be next!


This is a really great article.

Timeless Classic.

Thank You.


nah , you buy bitcoin to buy steem :p

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This is really great to help others this great generosity from you
I wish I would help anyone but sorry they do not want to
I do my best and the results are weak and this feel miserable bro

I love the battle between permissionless rapid innovation vs the super slow legacy banking. Sooner or later whoever innovates faster will win. I know who my money is on!

Perhaps Bitcoin should be at the top of that pyramid.


Writing articles is difficult now a days. When you think you have all the information, but there's just people out there smarter than you. I found the real Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for Crypto. Moon is actually at the top of the pyramid. Bitcoin was a great suggestion though :)

Its hard to find good channels in my interests :c Happy new year :)

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Very interesting post. Love how you connect the dots. Keep up the good work. I will be reading....

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EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT,,,, a must read for anyone in Psych or who cares about the genuineness of their character and life !!!!

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Nice share.

Very nice look at the phenomenon, and that from a very different angle.

I personally do not need my crypto for the first but the three middle blocks apply