How to make Altcoins and bitcoins crash and prices fall and make more profit ( Market Manipulation Explained)

4년 전

Market manipulation is the process of doing a epic or phenomenal dump and pump. I you are a whale who has millions of dollars you could dump millions into your bank account and then the price of a coin would fall dramatically or even by half of its value. For example, if someone were to dump 500 million dollars worth of bitcoin into their bank account the currency would fall life bricks raining from the sky. Like the other day a rich whale   dumped 30 million dollars worth of Ethereum which made Ethereum price fall to 279 dollars and then it went back up and then he bought 30 million dollars worth of Ethereum and made the price shoot up to 400 dollars and then made double his dump by making the currecy go up then down and then he made 60 million dollars.

      By doing this the whale made Etheruem for a couple of hours fall to 10 dollars which is a price I would dream of. If you could do this with bitcoin you could dump all of your bitcoin and make the price fall from 4618 dollars to 2618 and hurt the other alt-coins such as Ethereum,Neo,or even Steem because all of these coins run on the blockchain and bitcoin is its powerhouse so if that falls all of the altcoins on the blockchain would fall. 

      If you want to make a profit and you are rich with Bitcoins and Ethereum you can dump all of it into your paypal or online bank account and pump it back into your coins and make the price go up and dump it and make double or triple its value.

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