The most important crypto news from last week 🔻

3년 전

📢The most important crypto news from last week 🔻

🔸According statistics, for the Q1 of 2018 the cryptocurrency market have lost 59% of its market cap.

🔹 The South Korean city of Seoul is developing the 'S-Coin,' a cryptocurrency that could be used in social benefits programs.

🔸Trading platform Monex offers to buy Coincheck exchange for “blns of yen”.

🔹9 cryptocurrency-focused hedge funds were shuttered in the first three months of 2018,

🔸 Ethereum сommunity сonsiders hard fork to fight ASIC miners

🔹Popular budget airline Air Asia is planning to launch its own cryptocurrency called BigCoin.

🔸Bit-Z exchange delisted USD Tether.

🔹Buterin’s suggestion to limit the emission of Ethers turned to be 1st April joke… But Buterin to consider this question more serious.

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