A little perspective for the panicking noobs: Bitcoin reached US dollar parity only 7 years ago

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A little perspective for the panicking noobs: Bitcoin reached US dollar parity only 7 years ago on 9 February 2011. Back then it was considered an impossible miracle.

Check out this blog post celebrating the event:
Bitcoin history: US dollar parity on 9 February 2011


Do you think Bitcoin will ever reach 1 million dollars as predicted by John McAfee?

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What have you been doing this crypto winter?

  1. Accumulating patiently like a professional hodler.

  2. Panic selling like a hopeless noob.

If you answered 1, go ahead and download Crypto Millionaire from the link below. This app will help you diversify in a smart way, especially right now that' it's such a good time to buy the millionth of supply of top coins on the cheap.

If you answered 2, sell everything and become a pimp. It's the only way you will be able to keep selling bottoms, haha!




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HODL not SOLD steemians!

I called bitcoin to 1 million long before McCafee even heard of it. :)
BTW your link shows that you're a small fish, not a dolphin. I like the look of the dolphin better though!


Hello Drutter,
I used to be a dolphin but true to my Crypto Millionaire strategy I only keep the millionth of supply of each coin so I powered down up to that point and diversified. I like the look of the dolphin better too so I haven't bothered to change it. BTW, where's the link to your Million $ prediction? ;)


Ahhh, I hadn't heard about your millionaire strategy before. Well, I guess you were right to not be holding a lot of STEEM over the past year or so! I think it's down 96% from January.
There are a ton of links I could point you to. I didn't know you were interested! But here's a couple.

At some point I'll get all my bitcoin material together and make a recap video. That's a lot of editing though.

Nice historic videos! I would burn them to dvd for archival purposes for proof when Youtube no longer exists (will happen eventually) Nice talking to a crypto veteran (2013). I started hearing about Bitcoin around that time but unfortunately read about it on the MSM that described it as nerd internet money that some dumb bastard used to pay for two pizzas. I remember feeling sorry for the guy who bought and delivered the pizzas for 10,000 of those worthless coins haha, turns out I was the sucker in the room. Paying attention to the clueless MSM cost me several hundred million dollars, I learned my lesson and now I always do the opposite of whatever they say so you bet I'm buying this season! Check this out for details on my indexing strategy and app: https://cryptomillionaireapp.com/blog/this-indexing-crypto-strategy-will-make-you-a-millionaire/

Best regards!



Congratulations Steemian, you have achieved funniest comment on Steemit! Your next goal is hodl.


Hehe, LOL @cryptopie, especially to hear from you! Hehe, you are funny now.

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Only hodling+ accumulating!

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Only holding and accumulating (too).


Correct @nancymiral, read various articles today about ups and downs of crypto over the course of the last years. There were much worse times. But everybody says lets see the cryptos in 3 years from now.

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Today is a day of awesome. Bitcoin, the peer-to-peer, pseudonymous cryptocurrency, has reached market parity with the US dollar for the first time.

Exchange rate graph from the largest Bitcoin exchanger, Mt Gox


Amazing it has survived and thrived so much isn't it? Bitcoin is the very definition of anti-fragile.

Even more recently was the "parity with gold" fiasco. People said it would NEVER happen. I bet if it falls back to within even 1,000 of parity with gold now those people will come back and say "see, told you it was worthless."


I remember how it was 'denied' by gold the first time, and it took a VERY long time before it got another try... but then just flew past like it wasn't even there.
"Gold? Who cares what 31 grams of that metal is worth, has nothing to do with me!" - bitcoin


I remember how fast it blew through that parity last year

So many people are looking at BTC in the lens of 12-24 months. The reality is such a short sighted view will distort anyone's perspective. Looking at the historical performance of BTC can give far greater insight.

No options right now hehe

just hodl my friends. Someday it will be worth a lot !