When Will Your Crypto Let You Buy A Lamborghini? App review by Cryptodaily.co.uk

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Following is a review of Crypto Millionaire by @cryptodailyuk, a crypto news website with over a million monthly visitors:

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Making sure you are updated with news is crucial in this industry. That’s why today, we are going to review the latest popular crypto news app – Crypto Millionaire.

What is Crypto Millionaire?

The Crypto Millionaire app helps you design a well-balanced portfolio which holds the millionth of supply of the top digital currencies in the industry including XRP, Ethereum and Bitcoin. Holding onto the millionth of supply makes sure that you aren’t going to over-invest or under-invest in a specific currency whilst ensuring a sizable stake on the winning coins for the future.

Unlike fiat currencies, which are always inflating and depreciating in value, most of the digital currencies are issued with a fixed limited supply and are deflationary by design.

What makes Crypto Millionaire special?

Because of the above, the Crypto Millionaire app is great for investors as it means that once they hold their millionth of supply of a top coin they are guaranteed that they will be part of the monetary elite and see big gains in their bank accounts. Of course, this is if the invested coin(s) are successful. The millionth of supply is a great ‘yardstick’ of which to measure whether you are overinvesting or under-investing in a particular coin when building a balanced crypto portfolio.

Crypto millionaire is the only app which gives you a crypto portfolio diversification score and tips on how to reach the most probable and perfect pathway to success for wealth and investment.

The app also lets you pin protect your portfolio screen and save password protected backs of unlimited crypto portfolios for free!

In addition to this, you will be able to find the safest and best coins and create a balanced portfolio, as mentioned above, which can hold the millionth of supply of the top cryptocurrencies by market cap.

When Lambo Feature

Model Portfolio.png

This is the only app that will approximate the date when your portfolio will reach a million dollars! This is, of course, based on previous growth rates of cryptocurrencies that may or not happen. It’s, however, a funny and useful feature to keep track of, and check later at the predicted date and see if it came true.

What are you waiting for? Get on Google Play and download Crypto Millionaire now! For more details on the indexing and diversification strategy visit Cryptomillionaireapp.com.


What have you been doing this crypto winter?

  1. Accumulating patiently like a professional hodler.

  2. Panic selling like a hopeless noob.

If you answered 1, go ahead and download Crypto Millionaire from the link below. This app will help you diversify in a smart way, especially right now that' it's such a good time to buy the millionth of supply of top coins on the cheap.

If you answered 2, sell everything and become a pimp. It's the only way you will be able to keep selling bottoms, haha!




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Happy crypto investing!

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Indeed, they don't have a page on Steemit yet. Maybe you could suggest this to them

So this appia telling me when my dream is going to come true :p


If you accumulate enough and don't panic sell along the way. Not easy for tasks for most people


Yes and thankfully, most of the people looking for quick money have lost hope and exited. So now we're left with the real believers.


It's what bear markets do. We are left with believers, but most importantly, the builders and creators who are working on things we can't even imagine now, just like it happened with the internet. regards


Very true, a lot of people have started to learn to differentiate the good and bad projects so really good ones are coming to the spotlight.

A armar una buena cartera y a esperar se a dicho!! $$$$ BTC $$$$
Quiero mi lamboooo!!!!

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