Bitcoin in Media: Portrayals of Emerging Tech Markets 2020

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Bitcoin in Media: Portrayals of Emerging Tech Markets 2020

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This is 2020; a new decade and a new era. One in which we certainly cannot downplay the influence of tech devices and the social media in the communication of content. Virtually everything placed on social media goes viral. From music to television, programs, movies, cartoons, and all other audio/video content. Indeed, a huge variety of content is disseminated via social media. The concept of crypto is not an exception to the wave of modernity. Demographics show that cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin hit a high trend after social media influence was used to buttress its relevance in the finance industry.

Whilst it is true that social media plays a great role in driving content to the heart of the largest audience in the world. We must also realize that social media users are selective and do not give in to all social cues portrayed on the media. Thus, a good social media strategy should look at the factors stimulating individual preferences and capitalize on the interests of people to send the desired message.

What Drives Personal Sentiment?

How do we get people to search for Bitcoin? The answer is simple. Make Cryptocurrency available in popular culture!
For instance, take a look at the show “The Good Wife” which came out in 2012 and showed the importance of Bitcoin in the public. The search for Bitcoin in 2012 started to increase gradually after the movie was released. Again, in 2017 when having celebrities like Paris Hilton, Jamie Foxx, Floyd May weather, Dj Khaled, Gwyneth Paltrow, Akon, and Madonna investing in Bitcoin, Bitcoin users around the world started to increase.

It is important to note that as social media incepts the idea of crypto and bitcoin into the cultural trend, the bitcoin usage goes up; the market cap is going up and more people are starting to get involved. After these celebrities got involved in 2017, we start seeing more content created around bitcoin published on media and television.
The aim of all of this is to see how we can make the entire public and the world to know about bitcoin in better and faster ways. By using media and technology to put this information into the minds of people, the reception and acceptability of the information are boosted. For example, a song released by Eminem where he mentioned bitcoin in his lyrics would go a long way to arouse the interest of those who follow pop culture to want to know more about bitcoin. Again, movie lovers can be informed through chips of the concept of bitcoin highlighted in movie scenes like the popular TV series titled “The Good Wife”.

The job of making use of media is to make the views and the ideas of bitcoin better. People using bitcoin should be seen as the elite, and not as hackers or scammers. When people like Katy Perry who makes use of Bitcoin posts her self enjoying her life, it would make people more interested in bitcoin.

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