Three Types of People Who Won’t Buy Bitcoin

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Over the last few years, an incredibly huge chunk of data has been disseminated over the internet on the workability of crypto in general and Bitcoin specifically. The idea and notion of the subject have been spread across diverse social platforms in a bid to popularize its use and make people more familiar and comfortable with using crypto in their day to DA transactions. Surprisingly, these attempts to mam the use of crypto widespread have met a range of challenges. Pursuant to these hurdles in the industry are three categories of persons who won’t indulge you no matter what you tell them. Take a look.

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People Who Think That Bitcoin is a Scam

The first categories of doubters who will never buy into the idea of crypto no matter how much you preach to them are the group of skeptics who believe that the entire gist of crypto and Bitcoin is another ploy used by scammers to rob victims of their hard-earned money. This class of persons have either been scammed or have had someone close to them scam or simply believe that the notion is too good to be true. No matter what you tell them, they will refute it with stern notions of disapproval. And who really is to blame? I mean, once bitten twice shy right? Yes of course. Honestly, anyone who has been hacked or robbed before via crypto would most likely not want to give a benefit of doubt to try again. Then again, there’s the fact that a crypto transaction is practically irreversible. Some persons believe that it was so designed to ensure that monies stolen by scammers cannot be returned. Convincing such people is practically impossible. The most that can be done for such people is to rekindle their interests by showing them smart ways they can recover money with crypto without having to spend or invest much.

People Who Think That Crypto is too Difficult to Understand

Another category of persons who will not subscribe to the use of crypto are those who think that Bitcoin is too difficult to understand. These people will tell you that they don’t think that it’s a scam and that they’re cool with it but just can’t meddle into it personally because they find it arduous. The popular author, J.K Rowling, revealed in May via a tweet that she belonged to this class of persons. She said she appreciated efforts made by people to explain the entire concept to her but didn’t see herself ever grasping the knowledge of it. For me, I think this category of persons need more attention as far as educating and explanation is concerned. The learning curve of crypto is not as complicated as many people think. The false abstraction spread by a lot of people who make it look difficult is what discourages others. The solution to this problem is to teach people in the most basic ways to ensure that they fully understand.

People Who Do Not Know About Bitcoin

The last set of persons are those who have not been exposed to the use of crypto. These people do not know of its existence, features, or advantages. These last category of persons are not so hard to teach because the idea is still new to them. All that is required to convince them is someone who can answer simple questions without complicating anything.

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Dear @cryptofinally

You surely create intersting content and I would like to support you, however it seem that you do not engage with your audience and it makes me wonder ... are you planning to be active on Steemit? Or just posting your content?

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She’s pretty busy on Twitter. And giving interviews. Maybe she will join us all over on Blurt ? Https://


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Definitely. I am Loving Blurt .... .... very friendly kind hearted people there.

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